Numerology for 31/ 01/ 2015

You like things to go according to your plans and there may be a great deal of emotion with regard to the obstacles that may come up with regard to this. Be grateful to the obstacles not only do they keep you focussed and grounded they have the potential to shake things up and create new opportunities for growth and change. There may be a lot that goes on in your head that you can put into words and embracing change may connect you with others in a whole new way. You like to be at the centre of things and it is important to you that those around you are happy, but at the same time you have to be yourself. You may feel stuck holding onto how things have always been and you may recognise what needs to change. It may be time to let the real you shine through, to let go of the past and to have faith in yourself and the universe.

Numerology for 30/ 01/ 2015

You may want to reconsider how best to help others today, you may find yourself breaking away from your image and choosing a completely different, fresh approach. You may realise you are inspired again and able to inspire others. This may be a time to re-evaluate with regard to what you really think and what you really want, sharing at the deepest level and possibly focussing more on personal relationships. By making your ideas clear and you may be able to start building something new from scratch. Allow yourself to be guided and you may be able to give something back and share in the deepest sense. Let go of the past. Have faith in yourself and in the universe.


Numerology for 29/ 01/ 2015

You may want to uplift others with your vision and bring in new ideas. You may be a fast mover who is very progressive. You may also feel very fragile and there may be a fear of failure or rejection. It is important that harmony and happiness surround you, but you may need to toughen up a bit. Don’t always insist that you can do without. You are amazingly creative, especially with regard to ideas, but can be very sensitive to criticism. Open up a bit more, trust your inner voice and you may find you can uplift others with your vision. Stay positive and believe in yourself, but understand you can only help others when you have it together yourself.

Numerology for 28/ 01/ 2015

You can be gutsy, strong-willed and driven – so keep hold of the tiger’s tail!! The courage to be truly independent is a big part of who you are, but try to cultivate patience and be realistic about your capabilities. You don’t suffer fools gladly and you may be better at handling power than people. You want to get to the bottom of things and may have such emotional control that you may appear to be making decisions without emotion, so others don’t realise just how sensitive you are. There can also be a fear of not being good enough and a fear of rejection, so don’t get stuck. You may just have to let go and trust at times for your sanity and your health and you may just find everything works out just fine.

Numerology for 27/ 01/ 2015

You may be up early with lots to do and full of energy, it may be obvious to you what needs to be done and what needs to be changed. It is important that you also acknowledge just how sensitive you are and that you may be pushing yourself too hard. Patience may be an important lesson today, as well as giving, while keeping something back for yourself. Try to have a more realistic outlook and view success in a broader perspective – success can mean following a more spiritual and creative path and just being happy.

Numerology for 26/ 01/ 2015

You may be very sensitive today and may feel tested as there may be a lot brought to the surface to deal with. Look within and you may find the joy again as well as the way forward. Remember that your environment is always a reflection of your thoughts and emotions. Stay positive and feel gratitude for all the wisdom you may gain from your feelings and emotions as well as all that you can potentially learn about yourself and others. We are all pilgrims down the same path and today could potentially be the most wonderful journey of discovery, learning more about yourself and others and sharing that journey.

Numerology for 25/ 01/ 2015

Making your vision real is very important to you, but there may be a great deal of emotion and you may find the words pour out of you. It is important you remain dynamic and active. Don’t just stay afloat – stay on course. Never give up. Learn when to push, when to pull and when to do nothing. Keep your spirits high and your eyes on where you want to be. Change can be your friend, especially if you stay focussed on this minute now. Let go of the past. Have faith in yourself and in the universe.

Numerology for 24/ 01/ 2015

You can exercise great emotional control and can appear to be very focussed on the physical. You may be a lot more sensitive than others realise and may go from very silent to the words pouring out of you. Focus on mastering your emotions and finding some inner peace. Keep yourself on track and try not to get too distracted. Don’t be prey to the expectations of others. You are something special but not because people say you are but because of what is inside.

Numerology for 23/ 01/ 2015

You can make a memorable first impression and may be comfortable with being thought of as a bit of an eccentric, if this means you can be who you can inspire others to think in new ways. The truth is always crystal clear to you and living according to your truth is very important to you. Remain true to yourself but, enjoy fitting in once in a while…even if this means stepping out of your comfort zone. Exercise emotional control, stay focussed on your plans, be practical and realistic and you may find you can turn things around, inspiring yourself and others.

Numerology for 22/ 01/ 2015

There may be a lot of emotion today with regard to shaking things up and inspiring others to think in new ways. You are not afraid to put yourself on the line and to take risks, but may do better tempering your passions and keeping things simple. Be more patient also, change always starts with a change inside, you have to be inspired yourself, before you can inspire others.