Numerology for 31/ 10/ 2012

On the surface you can seem very sweet and gentle, but you have laser like attention to detail and can be argumentative especially when you feel let down by others. Beware of being so nice you allow this to happen. Push yourself a bit more – push through some powerful barriers to assert yourself and to be yourself. Beware of planning and then getting frustrated by inaction, uplift yourself and others with your vision.

Numerology for 30/ 10/ 2012

You may feel you have no choice but to follow your dreams and you convince others to keep going. Try not to be so focussed though on keeping things going in the current moment that you miss the bigger picture. By standing back you can see what is productive and what is unproductive, you can then let go with love, all that is unproductive, making room for the new energies to come through and the way forward to become clear.

Numerology for 29/ 10/ 2012

You have a new approach and new ideas that can be inspirational, but you may have to compromise a bit to get your message across. The survival of your ideas may be important to you and there may be a very reluctant letting go, as you may have to be more practical and realistic. Stay positive, this is an opportunity to develop great creativity and learn the value of true sharing, so listen to others even though they may not be saying what you want to hear. Totally believe there will be a positive outcome.

Numerology for 28/ 10/ 2012

You’ve found the courage to think in new ways and want to inspire others through your work, but you may be frightened to make a mistake or to be caught unprepared. Worry and fear can be a true enemy to you. Try to be more spontaneous and gentle with yourself and others. Beware of the words pouring out of you.

Numerology for 27/ 10/ 2012

You may find yourself swinging from sunny and extrovert to dark, brooding and introverted today. Try to stay positive and direct your intense energies in a direction that makes you happy and involves working with others. Try to see things from the perspective of others. Trust people with kindness and consideration. Be grateful to obstacles they keep you grounded and focussed, they also help you to connect with others. Try not to bottle up your feelings, as there is great wisdom in your feelings and emotions. See life as an experience not a sacrifice.

Numerology for 26/ 10/ 2012

You very much want security and to feel in control, but you also need freedom. You are very sensitive and may go to great lengths to hide this. You may feel sceptical about this, but the freedom you so need is already inside you and the spiritual can be a key to you finding this. Your sensitivity is also a great strength, especially when it initiates things. Block your sensitivity and you are also blocking great creativity and a great potential for freedom. Blocking in itself is also exhausting and unsustainable.
Focus on building your own structure and finding freedom within this. Beware of the words pouring out of you.

Numerology for 25/ 10/ 2012

There may be lots of emotion around making your vision real. Try not to dwell on what has gone before and don’t let things slide. Move forward, doing things in new ways and thinking in new ways. Allow yourself to be inspired and you will inspire others. Be grateful to obstacles as they keep you grounded and focussed, they also help you to connect with others in a whole new way and give you plenty of opportunities to inspire yourself and others.

Numerology for 24/ 10/ 2012

There may be a massive letting go today. You may feel in new territory, but luck is with you if you stay positive and cultivate hope. Rather than getting caught up in the detail, try to stand back to see the much bigger picture even if this may mean leaving things alone. Try to develop creativity and inspiration. Wanting to be in control all of the time can be about fear, try to make decisions not based on fear.

Numerology for 23/ 10/ 2012

Stick to your plans and try to stay balanced, find the courage to truly be yourself. Try to waste no energy on frustration when things don’t go according to plan, things can sometime be put right without your intervention. Engage with the much bigger picture and allow yourself, to let go and trust occasionally. Refuse to be side tracked and you can be a true pioneer, creating a new path rather than following an existing one, helping others in your own unique way. Allow yourself to become inspired and you may be able to inspire others, with your work along the way.

Numerology for 22/ 10/ 2012

You do not specialise in displays of emotion but can provoke these in others. You want to uplift others with your vision and have had to push through some powerful barriers to be yourself and to be truly independent. Try not to misrepresent yourself with irruptions of sarcasm. Work from the inside to tame your wild side. It’s not just about survival and you don’t have to always control the situation. There can be beauty without perfection. Work at self-mastery and balance between the material and spiritual.