Numerology for 31/ 03/ 2014

You are a fighter who will get ahead no matter what – you can hang on in there for the duration. But, build chill out time into your plans also and don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Let others help you to see the lighter side of things, to love what you do and to believe in yourself again. Confront what’s bothering you rather than either being silent or the words pouring out of you. 

Numerology for 30/ 03/ 2014

You can be uncompromising in your vision and totally focussed on your goal. You can also be volatile, intense and very easily distracted. It is important you focus on practical service without trying to save everyone. Try to find time today to calm down and reflect. You could make today the start of you establishing time to fill yourself up again, to ensure you’re not running on empty. Don’t be so anxious to explain, others can understand for themselves, especially when they find you can give so much more when you are not running on empty.

Numerology for 29/ 03/ 2014

Perhaps focus on doing rather than observing and planning today. You may want to inspire others to think in new ways, but when they don’t respond as you would like, there can be a fear of failure. Trying to make everyone happy will pull you in so many directions, it may be best to go with your ideas in your own unique way, wasting no energy or time comparing yourself with others and feeling that you don’t measure up or that you are not good enough. It is always the intention that counts  anyway … 

Numerology for 28/ 03/ 2014

There may be plans and dreams you want to make real and that you may be very private about. Now may be a good time to stand back from the situation, take a good hard look and ‘get real’. You know doubting yourself can hold you back, but you may need to focus on viable and practical steps forward.

So, plan carefully, allowing time for contemplation and time to get to know yourself better. Whatever the outcome … truly love and respect who you are.

Numerology for 27/ 03/ 2014

Today may be a day to make your plans real and to assert yourself in some way. At the very least you may want to be left alone to do things in your own way. Try to cultivate diplomacy and learn to compromise when necessary. Don’t forget that working with others can be a lot of fun too, as it’s about the journey not just the destination.

Numerology for 26/ 03/ 2014

You like to stand back and quietly view a situation, chewing over what might be wrong and coming up with insightful, helpful solutions. For you, simplicity is the key and it may be crystal clear to you what is standing in the way of progress. Your challenge is that you are always one step ahead of everyone else and not everyone is ready for what you have to say. A fear of rejection or failure may stop you from taking action, but your heart is always open to those with whom you share a special rapport and friends such as these, are friends for life. Try not to put too much time and energy into observing and planning, not everyone will understand your words, but everyone will understand your intentions.

Numerology for 25/ 03/ 2014

Self control and discipline may be important for you today, there may be a decision to be made and you may want this to be as much an informed decision as possible. This may involve getting to the bottom of things, as well as the courage to recognise what you truly want. Try not to overwhelm others, learn a softer approach. Learn to appreciate silence and stillness.

Numerology for 24/ 03/ 2014

You may be trying to achieve harmony while all around you is changing and on the inside your heart may be in conflict with your head. You may feel impatient but try to still see the beauty – stay in touch with your feelings and have compassion for others. Handle small matters with care and patience and try not to be too direct in your dealings with others. Beware of making snap decisions while focussing on the planning and not taking the action. Find the harmony within and it will surround you.

Numerology for 23/ 03/ 2014

You may feel very up and down today and there may be a lot of re-evaluation going on. Keep calm – your sensitivity is one of your greatest strengths, but try to stand back from situations as much as possible. You may have to ask yourself “am I doing this to make you feel better or to make me feel better” as helping others can be a distraction from dealing with your own issues. Try to see the bigger picture and try not to take anything personally. Decide I will learn from this and grow from this and there is the potential for great transformation.

Numerology for 22/ 03/ 2014

There may be lots of emotion that you may find it hard to talk about today. You may find yourself thinking deeply and perhaps doubting yourself. Working with others may be good for you. Keep things practical and light, try to move more slowly and have patience. It is important you take others with you, you can’t do it all on your own.