What is Numerology?

Everything is in a constant state of flux, evolving in cycles and everything comes down to vibration. Numbers can be the most effective way to monitor and define this movement.

Numerology can be seen as the philosophy, science and psychology behind the flow of letters and numbers, all a part of this great movement.

Numbers are very useful tools and can be a big part of our everyday life, but they are also symbols representing ancient wisdoms’ and energies.

It is believed that numbers were used before words, with many of the ancient texts written in numbers and symbols.

These ancients believed in the power of numbers. To them, numbers were not just quantities; they represented an evolving pattern of nature and were the symbols of infinite cycles. Through contemplation of these patterns of cycles, a person could gain self-awareness, harmony and spiritual growth. They also believed that from the moment something is named it’s ‘birth energy’ can be defined in terms of Numerology. In the name vital information about personality and goals can be discovered.

From the earliest times man has used symbols to represent the unseen world of energies, to describe the indescribable and to act as a bridge for the mind and intuition. Time is a man-made concept, where as Space is intuitive and unspoken. Bringing a name and date together you can identify a cross in time and space and can so define energies that may drive something forward.

The cross of time and space is where we learn… our past, present and future all represented in the now. Rhythms, vibrations, cycles, turning points and their relationship in time and space can best be expressed in numbers.

“Number is the ruler of forms and ideas and is the cause of Gods and Demons”
– Pythagoras (580-500 BC)

“The book of Nature is written in numbers” – Galileo

The father of modern Numerology is Pythagoras who lived and worked more than 500 years before Christ was born. Pythagoras did not invent Numerology – he took it to new levels.

He travelled for many years East through India, the Middle East and Egypt, learning from the many religions, philosophies and sciences that he encountered. He incorporated everything he learned into one system and established a School of Mysteries in Crotona, Italy, when he was 52 years old. This school was for carefully selected students and taught esoteric knowledge which included the significance of numbers in geometry, music, architecture, astrology and astronomy. Pythagoras believed numbers could be found in every area of life. Each number from 1 to 9 had its own specific properties, and Pythagoras’s description of all these properties is still a major influence on modern day Numerology.

Numerology is the philosophy, science and psychology of numbers.

It explores the nature, the qualities and the inner meaning of those wonderfully logical, harmonious little crystallisations of purpose in the mind of God. They are the transparent bricks (transparent because they are concepts) of the manifestation of the mystery of life.

When we learn to meet them and to know them, we can start to see patterns and cycles, and make sense of where we have been, where we are and might yet be.  Therefore we understand the ‘impulse’, the ‘heartbeat’ of our own life. From understanding comes wholeness, peace of mind and compassion. Numerology offers the possibility to remove ourselves from the sea of illusion and to walk the clear path up the mountain of self realisation.

Each number is an expression of the quality of the life we lead. The understanding of their relationship and procession in our chart can provide great help in explaining the difficulties of past or present circumstances and therefore ease them greatly by helping us to take steps of least resistance.

(Source: Claudine Aegerter, founder of the Connaissance School of Numerology).