Numerology for 30/ 04/ 2021

The mysteries and magic of life only speak one language – silence, so try to quiet all your worries and go into the quiet. You may have been focussed on survival and holding on to an existing structure for too long, now may be the time to allow yourself space to connect with the bigger picture and to look at things from a new perspective. Hands off and let things happen …

Numerology for 29/ 04/ 2021

Let go of your image and be yourself. Try not to put energy into fear of failure or rejection – you are not responsible for the happiness of others. Accept your unique, sensitive and emotional nature. Get past your disappointment that things may not the way you would like them to be and focus on what you want to achieve, ideally bringing in new structures for this and letting go with love all that no longer serves you. Your great sensitivity may feel like a heavy burden and it may be difficult for you to express this. Let your inner voice be your guide, but also truly listen to others, as they may help you to realise, you are not the only one who feels as you do. Keep your words clear and simple, find your rhythm and there is the potential for a breakthrough with your creativity, inspiring new thinking and change.

Numerology for 28/ 04/ 2021

You may be focused on being utterly dependable and hanging on in there but may find yourself thinking in new ways as the freedom and courage to truly be yourself may become more important to you. Thinking in this way may bring up a great deal of emotion that you may find difficult to express. Listen to your loved ones and you may find that they also need the freedom and space to do things in their own way, making their own mistakes. Learn not always to be needed, but to make space for laughter and fun, that way you may all become happier, more independent and self confident, as you all find the treasure within …

Numerology for 27/ 04/ 2021

You may be focussed on getting the job done with no time for sophisticated criticism or praise but you may also be holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone and now may be the time to let go and trust. Your sensitivity is still your greatest strength, tune into your feelings and there is the potential to think and act in new ways. Obstacles, delays, other people trying to impose their thinking on you, these are opportunities for you to push through with your great creativity to transform things for yourself and others. So, drop the luggage and try to be grateful to the obstacles as they can encourage great creativity and inner strength, they also keep you grounded, focused and connected to others.

Numerology for 26/ 04/ 2021

You may want to be involved with big projects that truly take care of many. Using your many skills, you may also want to get to the bottom of things, working with others and taking them with you, as much as possible. You may find you have to listen with sensitivity to the feelings of others and try to see things as they do. Tune into people and try to go below the surface, focusing on what you have in common. Sometimes admitting defeat and walking away can be a good thing, as you are not going to be able to save everyone. So, try not to be too rigid with regard to your goals, make the best of where you are, let go of the past and continue to have faith in the universe.

Numerology for 25/ 04/ 2021

You may find yourself thinking in new ways and this may bring new solutions. Try to keep things simple and stay focussed, get past your fear of failure and there is the potential to inspire many, especially yourself. Bear with those who dream but do not take action. Learn to be humble and take the decision also at times to just let things happen.

Numerology for 24/ 04/ 2021

It may be important to you that others know how you feel, but you don’t have to comment on everything, leave some things unsaid. You are very protective towards those you love, but have faith they will do what is right for their life, you don’t have to take responsibility for everything and it’s not possible for peace and harmony to prevail the whole time. Recognise how important your independence is to you, make time and space to do things in your own way, embracing new ways of doing things. Decide to take your dream on, focussing on one step at a time and what makes you happy – that way true transformation can happen with new structures to suit new ideals and you may find miraculously that when you are happy, everyone else is happy too.

Numerology for 23/ 04/ 2021

There may be lots of emotion that you find difficult to express and you may feel very up and down, as you have great ideas but you may doubt yourself. Rather than focus on planning and trying to get every detail right perhaps try sharing your ideas with others more, let your emotions out and follow your hunches. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind but be tactful and kind to yourself as well as everyone else.

Numerology for 22/ 04/ 2021

There may be lots of emotion today that you may find difficult to express, but it is this emotion that may bring about change and new beginnings. There may be great resistance to change and you may feel stuck as well as impatient. Allow yourself space for new thinking and you may find a spiritual warrior emerges, with a relentless determination to transform everything. This can all happen as a result of new thinking, so try not to be sceptical, look within rather than risk placing your confidence with the wrong people. Stick with things and try to maintain your breadth of vision. You know the secret of working hard in a relaxed way. Remember your roots, don’t lose yourself in your focus on advancement and there is the potential to inspire yourself and others.

Numerology for 21/ 04/ 2021

Try not to overpower others, give your loved ones space to do things in their own way and you may find space to look at some of your ideas in a new way. Ideally you may find yourself communicating in a new way too, sharing and uplifting others with your vision, so something solid may be built. Hands off – let things happen … Joint ventures don’t have to mean you lose your uniqueness and that your vision is somehow diluted.