The Journey from our Head to Our Heart

The journey from our head to our heart may be the longest journey any of us ever make.

We can see from the above diagram how the words ‘Head’, ‘Heart’ and ‘Love’ are connected in terms of Numerology. We perhaps know from personal experience that when love is involved with whatever we are doing, it will work.

When our head works with our heart, and with love, we can feel passionate about what we are doing. Expansive, creative thinking can result, and we can feel energised …

When there is resistance to where we are and what we are doing, our head can become separate from our heart. We may ‘go through the motions’, but our heart is no longer in what we are doing. Working just from our head, rigid /limiting mindsets can continue to be reinforced and perpetuated. As a result, and we can find ourselves stuck, going round and round in circles, reacting in the same way, repeating these same pattens and creating the same outcomes … this can be draining and exhausting.

There are of course times when we must focus on the practicalities of life for our survival (and perhaps for the survival of those we love). Responding in a different way can be difficult, as many mindsets are subconscious and have been built up and reinforced over many generations. We may also be surrounded by people who agree with our choices and encourage them.

When we look at the word ‘Head’ in terms of numerology (as illustrated above), we can see this is made up of 3s. In numerology 3 represents active intelligence, and the first complete cycle, ‘The Trinity/ the blueprint/ the plan’. In terms of numerology, everything comes from the 3.

3 expresses creativity, turning raw feelings (2), onto great ideas (3).
3 encourages a feeling that ‘anything is possible’, but the 3 has to have the raw feelings (2), to work with and these can only come from the heart and from love.
When we look at the words ‘Head’ and ‘Love’ (above) …

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Victory & Victim

Interesting how victory and victim have such similar vibrations …
Both have the potential to transform everything (13/ 4) and the V at front (the 22nd letter) can mean great inner strength.

But Victory is about transforming everything by building something solid with love (22/ 4, the master builder), while 18/ 9 here is re-evaluating (8) how best to help humanity.

The victim can be at war with themselves, all that amazing creativity (3) can mean going from stable to unstable with the 18/ 9 here potentially holding on to a structure that has gone, while trying to build something solid …


Creativity and change born of emotion as the existing structure fills with light …