Numerology for 30/ 06/ 2013

There may be a decision to be made today with regard to the best way to help someone you care about deeply. You are a great planner and determined to overcome obstacles yourself, but the person you care about may respond in a different way to you. You may find yourself looking inward for answers, as you will find you cannot impose your beliefs on others. Detachment may be important, as you may find you have to let go and trust, after doing all you can to help.

Numerology for 29/06/2013

You may have planned very carefully today and may be very focussed on achieving goals and making ideas happen. Despite this you may feel unsettled and may find the words pour out of you. The longest journey6 for you today may be from your head to your heart. Perhaps it is time to listen to your heart and not just your your head.

Numerology for 28/ 06/ 2013

Beware of putting emotion before reason and try to find a way of making everyone laugh, while holding your tongue when necessary. Being the centre of attention is fun but it can’t last forever. You have some obstacles to focus on overcoming and may need inner resource to do this. Keep things practical and focus on one step at a time. Try to put all the energy from emotion into moving forward.

Numerology for 27/ 06/ 2013

You are very protective of all that matters to you most and only once your base is secure, do you proceed inexorably towards your target. You may feel your actions are just and totally correct, but occasionally listen to others and loosen up a bit. You have the potential to inspire others to think in new ways, but a huge part of this is you becoming inspired by thinking in new ways. Thinking in new ways may mean a massive letting go and extreme generosity. You may have been pushing feelings down for a long time and now might be the time to connect again to wisdom from your feelings and emotions.

Numerology for 26/ 06/ 2013

You can be a tower of strength to your friends and family but may have to back off a bit occasionally. Try to ensure you have plenty of interests outside of your home and confidence in the ability of others to look after themselves. Perhaps focus on inspiring others through your work and achieving success so you can help more people. Let go of the past. Have faith in yourself and in the universe.

Numerology for 25/ 06/ 2013

Try to stay positive, you are very sensitive, can be a perfectionist, but may have to stay grounded and focus on overcoming obstacles. Try to stay objective about your feelings and try not to be too critical, when things are not being done as you think they should. You very much want to maintain harmony, but have to do things in your own way. You want to help others but need to help yourself first. Tune into the opportunities around you and don’t let fear block you. Share your ideas with others and you might be surprised. Trust your inner voice, as well as those who have faith in your ideas. There is a wonderful potential to turn things around today and emerge up the front as the pioneer/leader.

Numerology for 24/ 06/ 2013

Today you may feel completely involved in what you are doing, it is as if you know what you are here to do and feel you could make a difference if you could just be left alone to do what you love most. It all matters so much to you, but try not to get too caught up in making everything perfect. Try to detach yourself from the results – it is the experience that matters. Master your emotions, see the beauty without the perfection and try to let go with love. Let go with love to allow the new energies to flow.

Numerology for 23/ 06/ 2013

You may feel inspired to look for a truth today and this may mean talking to others in new ways and seeing things in new ways. You will have to deal with the practical and the mundane also, to keep your life and living space in order. Don’t just plan – take action. Be practical and know forgiveness can set you free, so, let go of the past and have faith in yourself and in the universe.

Numerology for 22/ 06/ 2013

See life as an adventure and go for it. Get involved with big projects you are passionate about. All your sensitivity and emotion can be channelled into moving forward and staying on track. You are also so sensitive that you can truly tune into others and find the words of connection. Try to stay in touch with the mundane and gain from each experience even if this means admitting defeat gracefully. Above all, enjoy the journey.

Numerology for 21/ 06/ 2013

Connect with your heart and feelings and you may come to realise that you are here for a higher purpose. Seeing things in a whole new way, obstacles can become like stepping stones, which keep moving forward, grounded practical and connected to others. Don’t let all this unravel through ego, decide to do what you are here to do with love, joy and gratitude, detach yourself from guilt and forgive. Love without expectation.