Numerology for 10/ 12/ 2023

There may be obstacles and you may be feeling stuck. Others may be trying to impose their thinking on you – when you may want to be left to do things in your own way. Despite your fear of failure &/or rejection, resist your tendency to hide away and if necessary, fight to be heard. Better still and if possible, conserve your energy by doing things in your own way, without needing the approval of others. You may feel overwhelmed and not know where to start but focus on one step at a time and continue to communicate. Allow help to come from unexpected places and you may find that working with others makes all the difference.

Numerology for 09/ 12/ 2023

You may love to be in the spotlight, but if you slow down and look from a different perspective, you may find that by focussing on the courage to be yourself, like magic you may feel you are in new territory. Use your true feelings to see clearly and your treasure within may be more deeply understood. Know there are still joys to be found in inner peace and by keeping your feet firmly on the ground. So, let the sunshine in and the light within you shine out. Don’t take things too seriously. Learn to laugh more at the illusions of the world and, also at yourself.

Numerology for 08/ 12/ 2023

You may throw yourself completely into whatever you do. You may be able to see with great clarity what stands in the way of progress and may want to inspire everyone to think in new ways. If so, try not to put energy into frustration if others don’t respond as you would like. Cultivate moderation and the capacity to view experiences dispassionately. Be aware of the tremendous power you have with words, try to stay positive, see things as others do and be open to new ways of thinking. Work with others more – you can succeed in taming yourself without losing your spirit.

Numerology for 07/ 12/ 2023

There may be frustration and lots of emotion you find difficult to express, as well as a struggle to be independent and self-confident, resulting in lots of ups and downs. Despite this, your great passion and sense of responsibility towards others may be what wins through. Not wanting to let anyone down, you may realise how important it is that you follow your heart and do things in your own way, as much as possible. It may help also to see things as others do, ideally communicating your truths in a light-hearted, fun sort of way. Actions speak louder than words and people always remember how you make them feel, they also always pick up on your true intentions.

Numerology for 06/ 12/ 2023

Keeping yourself busy, trying to make the world a better place, helping yourself and others to see the beauty without the perfection, may be important for you today. Sharing some of your ideas and helping others to benefit from all we have learnt, is one of the surest ways to create value. You may benefit also from taking time out away from the drama to recharge and look again at some of your ideas to decide the most productive use of our time and energy. Respect yourself and learn also to respect the personal choices of others. Focus on what you can change.

Numerology for 05/ 12/ 2023

You may be confident about getting things done and sometimes this can be justified and sometimes not. Acknowledge the difficulties that do exist and don’t waste your time trying to solve what’s better left alone. Stay positive and work with others more – if things are not going according to plan their advice and support can help you to truly turn things around. It does not have to be you against the world, there is the potential to turn things around if you can think in new ways and stop feeling it’s all down to you. Allow working with others to help you get to the bottom of things, so you can embrace change together.

Numerology for 04/ 12/ 2023

You may feel impatient and frustrated if progress is slow, as you may want your message communicated effectively. Despite having lots to say but you may find you have to go with the flow more than you would like, you may also be asked to ‘turn down your volume’. You may be fearful of losing your authority, but go into the quiet to find your message and you may find your words have greater impact. You have the potential to size up a person or argument very quickly and accurately, but don’t be so sharp that you cut yourself. The greatest power of all is the power of love. So, despite your scepticism, open your heart and allow yourself to be open to the potential of intuition and synchronicity.

Numerology for 03/ 12/ 2023

There is a danger that you put other people first and give so much that you may have to fight to reclaim your independence. Don’t let the perfectionist side to you mean you feel you have to do everything yourself to ensure it is done ‘properly’. Learn to delegate without worrying. Working with others could help you to rediscover your passion and bring in new ways of working that help you to make your ideas a reality. Otherwise, you may remain planning but not taking the action for yourself, but always putting others first.  Give yourself space to think in new ways, get past your need for perfection. Develop your creativity and inspiration, and there is the potential for transformation.

Numerology for 02/ 12/ 2023

You may be feeling very sensitive and unsettled. There may be lots of emotion that you find difficult to express, you may also be very impatient and easily influenced. You may have lots of ideas and lots to say. This combination may result in intense volatility, so watch your temper and try to go with the flow more. You like to do things in your own way and can be very ambitious and creative, but you also value the importance of teamwork, friendship, and laughter. It may be important you stay positive, grounded, and focussed as much as possible. Try also to be more patient and try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you. Take time to reflect and try to be less judgemental, otherwise your enormous sensitivities may make you totally reactive and this may cause confusion.

Numerology for 01/ 12/ 2023

Initially there may be obstacles and you may feel stuck. There may be great frustration, as you may be feeling very impatient, as well as ambitious and idealistic. As the day progresses you may start to see things from a completely different perspective. Initially you may feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. But roll your sleeves up, get stuck in and with patience as well as a more diplomatic approach, your singlemindedness may pay off. Compromise and co-operative ventures could make all the difference, but time on your own may be needed beforehand, to get a handle on your energy and to encourage you to think in new ways.