Numerology for 06/ 06/ 2023

You are full of ideas and amazingly creative but may be distracted by domestic matters. You may be overprotective towards your loved ones, who need to be free to make their own mistakes. Coming out of your comfort zone may bring up lots of emotion but listening to your emotions, as well as to others, giving yourself permission to rest, keeping your words clear and simple, may help all concerned. You like to do things in your own way and may be waiting for the perfect time to focus on your ideas, but working with others more may bring in new ideas as well as laughter and joy. So, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground, drop the martyrdom and allow everyone, including yourself the freedom that is so needed.

Numerology for 05/ 06/ 2023

Get a handle on your energy and try to simplify your thoughts. You may need to slow down a bit to be more grounded and focussed – to make sure everyone is with you. You are a great organiser, and your enthusiasm is wonderful, but your approach needs to be more measured and thoughtful. Take a chance, meet people eye to eye and truly listen to other, keeping your words clear and simple. Develop a strong sense of your own identity, otherwise you can get lost in someone else’s life. As much as possible, try to put yourself in the driving seat, stepping away from the drama to consider and choose how you respond, rather than letting the environment dictate how you feel and what you do. The longest journey you will ever make is from your head to your heart.

Numerology for 04/ 06/ 2023

You may have a very quick, focused mind and can be very sceptical and critical of others. You are not afraid both to stand alone and to ‘muck in’ when your help is needed. You may be focused on getting to bottom of things but may feel overwhelmed by your plans and the decisions that must be made. If so, don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance. If you feel you are not being listened to, take the time to truly listen to your inner voice as well as to others. Try to see things as others do and not to come on in such a rush. There can be great value in silence and doing nothing, as you take time to re-evaluate and take stock.

Numerology for 03/ 06/ 2023

You can be an inspirational speaker, but you also like to follow your own plans and you don’t allow much space for compromise. Today it may be help you greatly if you try to be more lucid and diplomatic in your approach. Beware of over confidence and manipulation – you can’t talk your way out of every situation. You hate to be ignored, but in trying to get a reaction from others, you may get more than you bargained for. Remember silence can speak volumes and acknowledge just how sensitive you are. Try not to take anything personally and drop the martyrdom, but still know that communications from heart to heart are truly listened to.

Numerology for 02/ 06/ 2023

It may seem to others’ that you thrive on difficulties as you may appear never defeated, always thinking in terms of new beginnings. Even though you may feel pushed out of your comfort zone, it seems nothing will dampen your enthusiasm. Today you may have an important decision to make and there may be a great deal of emotion that you find difficult to express. Your natural inner strengths and determination may help your greatly. If you feel overwhelmed and forced into action with ‘freeze or flourish’ the order of the day. Keep moving forward, trusting your intuition. Always remember that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’

Numerology for 01/ 06/ 2023

There may be a great deal of transience and change swirling around you today. If so, try to stay true to yourself at the deepest level and try not to get caught up in lots of emotion. Forget society’s values for a while and what is expected of you, instead try to stay focussed on finding and communicating your unique message in your own unique way. Going into the quiet may be key for you today, as by stepping away from the drama you can look at things differently, before planning and taking more effective action to develop your creativity and stay focussed.

Numerology for 31/ 05/ 2023

You may have a relentless determination to build something solid and this may bring disappointment as although you may know you have something to complete, you may feel exhausted. Today may feel like a turning point as you may come to realise that your health must come first and that you can’t help others if you are running on empty. If this is the case, you may have to go with the flow, despite your plans and be open to your potential for intuition and synchronicity. It may be important that you acknowledge just how sensitive you are and see this as a strength. In the process of realising your ideals try to avoid arguments – they are a waste of your energy. Instead focus on helping others and trust the help you need will come to you.  Look your emotional problems squarely in the eye, soften your hard edges and try to focus on finding peace within. Learn to accept what is always changing in front of you and yet remains always the same.

Numerology for 30/ 05/ 2023

You may have a decision to make and could feel very distracted, as you may have an imagination that runs riot. It may be key that you stay focussed on where you want to get to, despite the distractions. Balance and moderation may be key, so accept change and responsibility. Focus on building your inner strength and knowledge, as understanding something deeply could help you breakthrough. Spend no time or energy trying to impose your thinking on others, just keep your nose to the grindstone. Beyond the brick wall that you may feel is in front of you, is the most amazing space, it may help to stay focussed on where you want to get to.  Scatter or shine for others.

Numerology for 29/ 05/ 2023

You may want to be seen as the best and may want to transform things. You may also be extremely impatient, especially if you feel forced to stand back and let things happen. This may bring up a fear of failure and of not being good enough, but you have an opportunity to prove to yourself, that for transformation to happen, there has to be change on the inside. This may stir things up at a profound level within you but may also help you to find freedom despite the limitations. Today it may be key that you go into the quiet if you wish to re-ignite your creativity and inspiration and connect to the much bigger picture. Become inspired again and you may be able to inspire others …

Numerology for 28/ 05/ 2023

You may come across as confident and self-assured, but you may at times care too much about others, putting their happiness before your own. You may also be trying to bring in some unconventional ideas and this may bring up lots of emotion that you find difficult to express. You may have to ask yourself ‘am I doing this to make you feel better or me?’ Not everyone wants to be looked after and not everyone wants to think in new ways. Sometimes the best way to help others is to focus on becoming happy yourself. Perhaps just focus on the essentials of what you want to achieve, making more time for yourself and your creativity. Find the courage to be yourself, even if this brings up lots of emotion … ‘Who Dares Wins’.