Numerology for 19/ 03/ 2023

Try not to push yourself so hard – give yourself a break – you don’t have to follow through to the end on everything. There may be times you are off track, headed in the wrong direction and you need also to be aware of your limitations. Engage with your feelings and master your emotions – don’t use energy pushing them down. If things are not be going according to your plans, keep your head and be patient. Try not to put energy into feelings of frustration, instead focus on ‘try, try, try again’, even if it feels as though you are going through an endless tunnel. You may be holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone and despite your plans and your need to be seen as ‘the best’ you may need to be spontaneous and adaptable. Let go of fear and be open to new possibilities.

Numerology for 18/ 03/ 2023

Out of the blue it may feel important to you, to return to doing things in your own way &/or to return to doing something you love, perhaps as a way of reconnecting with who you truly are and how you may have felt at some time. Despite planning with great emotional control there may have been a struggle to be independent and self-confident and you may have felt pulled in different directions. Today may feel like a new beginning, as the courage to be yourself, with the attitude ‘who dares wins’, may come to the fore. Instead of putting energy in to pushing your feelings down, understand you have a choice in how you respond every moment and by allowing your great sensitivity to initiate things, you may find you can deal more effectively with all that comes up to be looked at and dealt with.

Numerology for 17/ 03/ 2023

Getting to the bottom of things may be important to you today and in the process, you may see exactly what’s standing in the way of progress. If so, stay practical and grounded in how you deal with this, but try also to take risks and be spontaneous, tending to the mundane without losing your enthusiasm. Remain true to yourself and try not to intellectualise too much, change takes time. You are sensitive and can put on a tough shell, but you have the gift of communication and can be wonderful with those who have problems communicating their feelings. You know there can be great wisdom from feelings and emotions and can encourage others to know this too. We all have a choice in how we respond every moment …

Numerology 16/ 03/ 2023

Try to stay focused on planning as well as action. Develop your practical side as well as your creative and inspirational side, while trying to deal with difficulties swiftly and resolutely. Learn to stay positive and on track, despite feeling pulled in different directions. Know that setting boundaries will help you grow in confidence especially when you feel forced into action. While everything may be changing, stay dedicated to your search for truth, but be careful not to let your fear keep you isolated. You may feel hyper-sensitive and may want to hide away but take responsibility for your thoughts and continue to believe you can make your vision real. Believe you can do it and you are halfway there …

Numerology for 15/ 03/ 2023

You may be very busy trying to make the world a better place and may find you need to have a well-defined goal, as you can be very up and down. To do this you may need to build self-confidence and skills, so you are ready for almost anything. Learn also to give with discrimination and discipline so you can enjoy yourself, where you are now. Kindness and generosity will repay you many times over and with profound experience may come an inner power, a calmness and serenity that will radiate from you – so your presence can bring the peace and harmony you are searching for. (If you can see why you had to go through all you went through, you may find wisdom too) …

Numerology for 14/ 03/ 2023

You may feel unsettled, wanting security and stability, but needing freedom. There may be a lot of emotion you find difficult to express and you may feel you have to fight for everything. You may want to get to the bottom of things and may feel impatient for your plans to be realised. Understand that your environment as a reflection of your inner world and that just thinking in new ways has a ripple effect, touching the lives of all those around you. So, stay respectful and positive, try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you. There is no need for drama, everything is relative and can be seen from many perspectives. Understand that the most important relationship you will ever have, is with yourself, so perhaps just focus on the essentials of what you want to achieve. As this may give you the space and time you need, to find a harmony within that will surround you.

Numerology for 13/ 03/ 2023

There may be obstacles and you may feel restless, as you may have lots of ideas, but you may doubt yourself. You may also want security and stability but need freedom and overall, you may feel a bit stuck regarding your plans. You may feel you need to go into the quiet to find your message and for the way forward to become clear. It may feel key that you find your centre again and that you try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you. Embracing change and going with the flow may also be very important, as you may feel forced into action. Your great sense of responsibility towards others may help ensure you deliver and there is the potential for transformation along the way, if your heart is truly in what you are doing and if you can be open to the potentials of synchronicity and intuition. Be thankful to obstacles, they can help you grow, instilling grit as well as pride when you turn things around. Obstacles can be humbling and can help you connect with others in whole new ways. Just try to be more patient and positive, you have your own unique way of communicating and this isn’t always appreciated by others, but by looking at things differently you can find your unique voice and encourage others to look at things differently too. Admitting ignorance from time to time can also be liberating.

Numerology for 12/ 03/ 2023 

While you may always put others first and be devoted to a cause, you may also need to be creative in your own way. This may bring up a great deal of emotion you may find difficult to express. Saying what others want to hear, rather than how you truly feel may cause you great frustration. Establishing boundaries that ensure you have space and time to fully recharge rather than run on empty, may be key for you today. You can be very hard on yourself, trying to fix everything and to be there for everyone. There is another side to you that can also be undaunted by risky ventures, a side to you that may like to leap into situations most people would avoid. You may secretly enjoy shocking others and you can be quite the dreamer. Obstacles and wanting to be of practical perpetual service may keep you grounded and focussed, they may also mean you are willing to compromise occasionally.

Numerology for 11/ 03/ 2023

You may have some great ideas’, but you may doubt yourself and may be very up and down. Friends can help you to lighten up and think in new ways, ideally to be less intense and competitive. You may have to learn to be more practical and to build on foundations that are more solid. You may also need your own space, as you may absorb the energies around you. If so, don’t be afraid to let things go.

Numerology for 10/ 03/ 2023

You may feel quite deep and emotional today. There may be emotion you find difficult to express and you may find yourself questioning what you truly want to do with your life. If you feel stuck, try to feel grateful to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focussed, and connected to others, they also mean you are moving forward. Other people may be trying to impose their way of thinking on you, but no one can tell you how to think. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and instead focus on taking action to help others. Give yourself space and take responsibility for how you think and respond. Trust that as necessity is the mother of invention, change can always be guaranteed. Totally believe you can get to where you want to be, even though right now you may feel pulled in different directions and the way forward may not be clear.