Numerology for 30/ 06/ 2018

Despite great planning, your great sense of responsibility towards others may mean you find yourself in new territory. You may be holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone and now may be the time to start focusing on building something new, based on a newfound truth. It is important that you acknowledge how sensitive you are, but also ‘get real’ and focus on the here and now. Try to ensure you don’t retreat into your shell, as you have a great deal to teach others from your experience and understanding and have the potential to truly inspire others.

Tunbridge Wells

“I have been back reading this week’s numerology posts and they could have been written just for me. I have made decisions this week which have been tough for me regarding friendships but I felt they were necessary to resolve some unresolved long standing issues. Your posts resonated with me so much. Thank you.”

Numerology for 29/ 06/ 2018

Remember laughter and joy today and try to see the lighter side of things, even though you may at times feel overwhelmed by emotion, as well as a great sense of responsibility. You may be determined to learn from all that has gone before, but you may find yourself in new territory and may have to go with the flow more than you would like. There may be a fear of failure and of saying or doing the wrong thing, but it’s your heart and your intention that truly matter. Remember also that if you are happy, miraculously everyone else is happy.

Numerology for 28/ 06/ 2018

Finding the courage to be yourself may be important to you today and this may mean going into the quiet and truly finding yourself again. There may be lots of distractions and you may want to be the centre of attention, anything rather than look within. You may be putting emotion before reason when you need ideally to stay grounded and focussed. The best solution may be to focus on what you have to do rather than looking for distractions and getting caught up in illusion ….’Who Dares Wins’ …

Numerology for 27/ 06/ 2018

You are very protective of all that matters to you and only once your base is secure, do you proceed inexorably towards your target. You may feel your actions are just and totally correct, but listen to others too and loosen up a bit. You may care very deeply for others, wanting to bring great harmony and to be out there in the world making a difference. You may feel forced into doing, but if your heart is in it and if believe what you are doing, you can use your intuition and synchronicity and be brilliant …
Know you have the potential to move from your smaller self to your greater self and to open the door to a greater life if you want to. Finding your spiritual path and sticking to it could help you to achieve this.

Numerology for 26/ 06/ 2018

You may feel pushed into change and action when you may prefer to be at home taking care of others. Keep things simple and try not to waste any time thinking you’re not good enough, its important you have interests outside the home. You can be a tower of strength to your friends and family, but have confidence in the ability of others to look after themselves too. You may find that friends and family welcome you focussing on yourself for a while.

Numerology for 25/ 06/ 2018

You are very sensitive and potentially learn from all that is happening around you. You can be a fast

mover who stays one step ahead. Despite the obstacles and others trying to impose their way of thinking on you, you have great breadth of vision. There can also be flashes of intuition and potentially new solutions to old problems if you can stay focussed on your goals and not giving up. Share your ideas with others and you might be surprised. Trust your inner voice, as well as those who have faith in your ideas. There is a wonderful potential for rebirth and transformation if you can master you emotions and focus on working with others to provide service with common sense.

Numerology for 24/ 06/ 2018

Today you may be striving for perfection and peace. You may be quite ruthless about getting what you want and may be impatient too. You may want to stir things up at every level to bring about change and this may not always be appreciated. Strong, resilient and tough, you are compassionate too and most effective if you are working with others. Ideally focus on finding the peace inside, you can then build something sold based on this, with the help of others.

Numerology for 23/ 06/ 2018

You may feel you know what is best for everyone and may feel overwhelmed with your great sense of responsibility to deliver. There may also be a fear of not being good enough and you may also have more feelings than you know what to do with. You plan, take action and there is a danger you are always pushing yourself too hard. Try to learn detachment and if necessary, let go with love to make way for the new. Deal also with the practical and the mundane and don’t be so eager to please.

Numerology for 22/ 06/ 2018

There may be lots of emotion and sensitivity today this may lead to lots of re-evaluation and ultimately you taking action to help others. Alternatively you can see life as an adventure and take the decision to go with some of your ideas with ‘Who Dares Wins’ as your motto. Either way it may help to get involved with big projects you are passionate about, with all your sensitivity and emotion channelled into moving forward and staying on track. Whatever you decide, try to stay in touch with the mundane and work with others as much as possible. You have the potential to communicate with many different and opposing people to bring about unity without becoming attached to drama and crises. Communicating profound truths in a light-hearted fun sort of way may be possible today.