Numerology for 31/ 08/ 2022

There may be lots of ups and downs and you may feel frazzled and exhausted. Balance fun with responsibility and lessen your need for the approval of others – you don’t have to turn yourself inside out to make others happy. Decide what your responsibility is and what it isn’t. Make your plan’s but go with the flow rather than get frustrated. There may be a letting go at some point today and this may bring in new ideas as well as a re-evaluation of security and stability. You may realise you have been holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone and working creatively with others in new ways could be a turning point …

Numerology for 30/ 08/ 2022

Stay focussed and you may find you have the choice, become inspired and shine or remain scattered. Despite feeling very sensitive, in trying to get to the bottom of things you may feel forced into action. Endurance may be needed, but there is a potential to break through by embracing change and new thinking. Drop the martyrdom, find your truth again, help yourself so you can help others …

Numerology for 29/ 08/ 2022  

You may feel very unsettled and full of contradictions. You may hate chaos and may want to bring in structure. You may be ruthless about getting what you want, but at the same time you may want to make everyone happy. You may want to be left to do things in your own way, but you may also dislike being alone and there may be a big fear of failure or rejection. Relationships may be key for you, particularly the relationship you have with yourself. Lighten up, get to know yourself better and find the courage to truly be yourself. Improvisation, adaptability and thinking on your feet may be your forte but stop making impossible demands on yourself. Get past your disappointment about what may be happening on the outside and reconnect to your inner voice, there may be a lot of emotion that needs to be expressed and a child inside that needs to be heard.

Numerology for 28/ 08/ 2022

You may feel a great need to travel and to find the courage to truly be yourself. This may bring up lots of emotion and you can be very convincing, but you don’t need to be so dramatic. Take time also to listen to other’s points of view. Avoid drowning those around you with endless facts and examples, while missing the bigger picture. Not everyone wants to be looked after and you cannot impose your beliefs on others. If others are not interested, save your breath and focus instead on getting on with things, ideally bringing in your new thinking through your actions where you are now.

Numerology for 27/ 08/ 2022

You may be very sensitive to the suffering of others and may have to develop discernment, taking measured action to help and inspire others effectively. This may cause you great frustration and you may feel pushed into blind experience, impatient but wanting to make a difference. Unsure as to how best to apply your considerable potential, it may help to just focus on helping others, the energy you receive from this may light your way, helping you to find your place in the world. Don’t allow fixed ideals to limit your thinking and creativity, your breadth of vision and unconventional thinking may give you the answer. Try to be patient and learn from others’ but decide for yourself what you do next. Helping others, rather than focusing on your goals, may help you to feel empowered and connected to others in a new way.

Numerology for 26/ 08/ 2022

You may feel your place is supporting others, but there may be some things you really want to do. You know your own worth and that there is something unstoppable within you. There may be a great deal of emotion involved with you standing up to be counted. Know you can help others without depleting or limiting yourself. You may feel forced into action and may be very impatient for change, others may be trying to impose their thinking on you, but the only way to change your environment is by changing on the inside. Try to feel grateful also to the obstacles, they keep you grounded, focussed, and connected to others, they also mean you are moving forward. Co-operate with others and you may find that when you stand back and let things happen, everything works out just fine. Allow this to be a breakthrough for you and the beginnings of new solutions and true service to others.

Numerology for 25/ 08/ 2022

You can be very private when it suits you and can be quite inward looking, you can also be quite an exhibitionist who’s very impatient. You may be extremely sensitive and can be very intuitive as well as perceptive, regarding other people’s needs and attitudes. You can be extremely generous, with great emotional control, so much so that others may not realise the heavy emotional load you carry and how important it is to you that everyone around you is happy. You may be determined to bring out the best in everyone and this can mean you spend too much time attracting and winning the approval of others. Try to stand back from the situation. Know you are valuable in your own right, trust that if you find the harmony within, this will surround you.

Numerology for 24/ 08/ 2022

You may want everything running smoothly, in perfect harmony and with every detail right. You can be ruthless about getting what you want and there can be resistance to change, not just from yourself, but from others, who may not appreciate your observations.  You may maintain great emotional control as you see everything in a very physical/practical way, you may also be very impatient. You may want to get to the bottom of everything and this may take you into new territory, if so, follow your heart, while truly listening to others. Perhaps allow things to run their course, some secrets are best kept secret …

Numerology for 23/ 08/ 2022

You may feel very up and down, you may have the ideas’, but you may doubt yourself. You may also be very impatient and rather than put energy into feelings of frustration, it may be important you make time for reflection and intuition. You may feel great responsibility towards others, but you may need to get back in touch with your own feelings and find your own truth again. You may feel beset with obstacles and other people trying to impose their thinking on you. Listen to your inner voice as well as to others, not only are you being stopped you in your tracks, others, trying to impose their way of thinking on you, may encourage you to find your voice and own truth again. Obstacles also keep you grounded, focussed, and connected to others they also mean you are moving forward. Necessity is the mother of invention and there may be great opportunities for growth, change and ultimately transformation if you can allow yourself to think in new ways …

Numerology for 22/ 08/ 2022

There may be lots of emotion with lots of ups and downs today, especially if you try to make everyone happy. There may be confusion and with so much to do, you can either become scattered or you can become inspired. Rather than procrastinate, try to see things as others do and co-operate with others more. Remain open to advice and suggestions, your sensitivity is a great strength, not something you have to hide. Admit your weaknesses and communications may be much improved, you may also feel less exhausted …