Numerology for 30/ 04/ 2014

The mysteries and magic of life can only be received in the silence, so to try to quiet all your worries and go into the quiet. Doing this may shake things up at every level and the words may pour out of you, but the way forward may become clear. Go with the flow and try not to be too impatient.

Numerology for 29/ 04/ 2014

Let go of your image and be yourself. Accept your unique and sensitive emotional nature. Separate feelings and issues. Try not to be so impatient, it’s not just about what’s out there. Find time to go into the quiet, transformation starts on the inside. Rather than focus on making everything perfect on the outside, build that inner temple, make the peace on the inside and peace will surround you.

Numerology for 28/ 04/ 2014

You are very determined and will not back down although you may appear very accommodating. You are steadfast in adversity and utterly dependable. Try to have fun and to be light hearted too. Learn that you are not always needed and that it is good let go and trust occasionally. Truly be yourself.

Numerology for 27/ 04/ 2014

Tune into your feelings and there is the potential for transformation and breakthrough today, especially if you dedicate everything to the highest good. Try not to be too impatient and try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you. You have to start with transformation on the inside and this may involve major re-evaluation and ‘getting real’ about what you want and the best way forward to achieve this. Help others in your own unique way and refuse to be unhappy for long … ‘Spring always following Winter’.

Numerology for 26/ 04/ 2014


Learn to listen with sensitivity to the feelings of others. Tune into people and try to go below the surface, focusing on what you have in common. You want to do things in your own way and can be very impatient, but working with others and taking others with you as much as possible, may be important today. Make your plans, but also learn to let go and trust. Sometimes admitting defeat and walking away can be a good thing, so try not to be too rigid with regard to your goals.


Numerology for 25/ 04/ 2014

You are interested in action, not idle talk and can be quite blunt. You can be extremely courageous and want to be doing things in new ways. You want to get to the bottom of everything and achieve success so you can help others. Stubborn in the extreme, respect the rights of others to disagree and go their own way. Make your dreams realistic and within your grasp. Bear with those who dream but do not take action. Learn to be humble and take the decision also at times – to let go and trust.

Numerology for 24/ 04/ 2014

It is important to you that others know how you feel, but you don’t have to comment on everything, leave some things unsaid. You are very protective towards those you love, but have faith they will do what is right for their life. Let the universe do a little for them and let the universe help you out also.

You don’t have to take responsibility for everything, focus on one step at a time and what makes you happy and you may miraculously find that everyone else is happy.

Numerology for 23/ 04/ 2014

Try to be more flexible and patient, have more confidence in your ability to operate on your own. Beware of planning and not taking action. Let your emotions out and act on your hunches more.
Try not to always put others first, you can help others lots more when you’re not running on empty.
Keep yourself on track no matter what may be going on ‘out there’ and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need to, it doesn’t have to be you against the world. Find the freedom to be yourself despite the limitations and beware of the words pouring out of you

Numerology for 22/ 04/ 2014

There may be lots of emotion and impatience today with regard to obstacles that you see as stopping you from getting to where you want to be. Watch out for illusions there may be no easy fixes. Stick with things, maintain your great breadth of vision and you may witness them transform.  You know the secret of working hard in a relaxed way and you can be brilliant at communication. Remember your roots and don’t lose yourself in advancement.

Numerology for 21/ 04/ 2014

Today can be a good day for communication and working with others to make your ideas real, but in doing this, try not to overpower others. You like things done your way and you know how to bring the best out in others, but let others help you occasionally and try to give unconditionally. See things from the point of view of others. Joint ventures don’t have to mean you lose your uniqueness and that your vision is somehow diluted.