Teaching in Online and In Person

The Diploma on behalf of The Connaissance School of Numerology

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to teach this Diploma in 2-hour sessions, twice weekly, from October 2023 to June 2024, to such amazing students.

Three well deserved Diploma Certificates …

Feedback from this Diploma: –
“Again, I can’t thank you enough for accommodating day & time with our US time, I know the 2-hour sessions have extended this class way beyond what it should have, I’m so grateful for that. I’m looking forward to continuing my education with you and The Connaissance School of Numerology. So much to learn and I love being with my people!”  Sue Coffin of Healing Numbers 22, Maine USA

“Thank you, Jane, for everything. You have helped me grow my intuition and knowledge of numbers exponentially. I’m so grateful that our paths crossed”. Sue Coffin of HealingNumbers22, Maine USA

“I found this part quite fascinating* – Looking at two peoples charts together”. DB, Kent
*Module 5 “Life – The Great Relationship”

“I really enjoyed last night’s class. The depth that is introduced in this diploma course is amazing. I’m sure that I will be taking it again down the road. Just like the foundation course, each time I took it, the information became clearer as I grew. I’m having so much fun. Thank you so much!!! Sue Coffin of HealingNumbers22, Maine USA

“A lot of the time there is a level of uncomfortableness about asking questions. Jane anticipates questions & always makes sure we are grasping it as much as we can at that time. Thank you so much Jane!” Sue Coffin of HealingNumbers22, Maine USA

“There is lots to digest when looking at a chart, however Jane broke it down into more manageable pieces, but it is quite overwhelming at first!” DB, Kent

“Really enjoyed this class. Jane is a wonderful teacher. I have grown so much and am looking forward to Parts 3 & 4”. Sue Coffin of Healing Numbers22, Maine, USA

The Foundation Course on behalf of The Connaissance School of Numerology

It was a privilege to teach The Foundation Course online and in person on Wednesdays from February to June 2023.

“Jane was a very knowledgeable and passionate teacher. She allowed us to use our intuition and made you feel comfortable to say what you felt. Overall thoroughly enjoyed”. D.B. Kent

“Excellent clarity of explanation. Overall happy with course”. D.W, Pennsylvania, USA

“I’m so grateful for Jane and her passion for Numerology. Excellent clarity of explanation. As always enjoyed class and was a lovely group”.
Sue Coffin of Healing Numbers22, Maine, USA

(Just two certificates as Sue has completed The Foundation before and wanted to complete this again to deepen her understanding).

It was a privilege to teach the Foundation to Claire and Nicki in June 2021

Teaching in Person

Sandy flew over from Hong Kong just to complete the course with us.
“Really enjoyed the course – Nothing was too much trouble – No matter how many questions and times they were asked there was/is always a full explanation.
Really looking forward to what comes next” KB, Kent

“A joy to learn from such an inspiring teacher and lovely person. Will be coming to do future workshops and Chart Reading Days” JF, Swanley, Kent

“Jane is amazing … I have learnt so much in such a short time. Makes me want to carry on learning more … I will look at dates for the Diploma in Numerology …” DR, Kent

“Very happy to have done this course with Jane. She is thorough, patient and very generous with her knowledge” CM, London

“Thank you for your energy & enthusiasm. I’m alive with Nos knowledge”  SC Brighton

“Jane is the best numerologist in the world ! Thank you !” MF, London

“Excellent teaching” PR, Kent

” I’ve finished my numerology course yesterday. It’s very in – depth and a lot more to just numbers that you will be amazed at. I know I won’t view the numbers as boring. It tells you what you bring in with you from past lives, what your lessons are and so much more. I spent the week with Jane Alton who is the best numerologist and has the passion for the subject. I know it will take my readings on to another level when I’m using my tarot cards. I can recommend the course x” AB, Rainham

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Chart Reading Day Online and In Person
(For those who have completed the Foundation Course)

Chart Reading Day March 2024

Chart Reading Day September 2023

Chart Reading Day June 2023

 Chart Reading Day March 2023

Chart Reading Day June 2021

Chart Reading Day February 2021

Chart Reading Day December 2020

“It was an inspiring, fascinating day” CG

Teaching The Esoteric Tarot on behalf of The Connaissance School of Numerology

“Fabulous course, lots of information, well explained. Very enjoyable and very worthwhile. I made great connections with the material taught.
A big thanks to Jane for being a great teacher”. PR, Kent

“I found the course to be quite an education, it has totally changed my view of Tarot. Worth the time taken out to learn”. CH, Tunbridge Wells, Kent