Numerology for 31/01/2010

You may feel you don’t measure up and that you are fighting to be heard. But with the right idea the communication and creativity flow. If you take responsibility and act as a flag bearer for your ideas, obstacles will turn into stepping stones.

Numerology for 30/01/2010

You feel full of ideas and born to lead. You ‘go with the flow’, but have plans. There may be frustration and inaction while you find your truth and your place in the system, but you have a talent for making your ideas clear to others and happiest when you can build something from scratch.

Numerology for 29/01/2010

Obstacles force you to stay focussed and to control your emotions. Through obstacles you may realise your inner resource, connect with others and learn compassion. You may feel very distracted at the moment with other people’s feelings. Obstacles may help you to connect while staying focussed on your goals.

Numerology for 28/01/2010

Today you are gutsy and courageous, you might feel you don’t measure up, you might be thinking in conventional ways, but your motivations will always shine through. You want co-operative ventures to happen and to inspire others. Try to find a balance between giving too much and pulling back completely.

Numerology for 27/01/2010

At the centre of your world is the courage to make a difference. The obstacles are there and you have your own unique way of dealing with them, using them to inspire and then to lead others. The pace of your life may have picked up but be careful to listen to the opinions and reactions of others, you are in the process of learning what you can do and who you are.

Numerology for 26/01/2010

Maintain your independence so you can see what is truly going on. Be truly independent in your actions, take others by surprise and uplift them with your vision. Listening to your inner voice can open up your world.

Numerology for 25/01/2010

You need patience, discipline, a strong will and above all faith in yourself as well as faith in something greater, to remain stable and on course for success. Believe you can make your vision real, inspire yourself and others. Try not to approach situations with your mind made up.

Numerology for 24/01/2010

People are drawn to you and you may feel at times that they expect too much of you. Put yourself in the driving seat rather than responding to your environment. Find the courage to truly be yourself, step off any pedestal you have been put on and into the ‘soup’ with everyone else.

Numerology for 23/01/2010

You may find great wisdom from emotion today and you may find beauty is expressed with the simplicity of the truth. You can set a great example to others when you focus on being happy yourself and when you allow yourself to let go and trust.

Numerology for 22/01/2010

This may feel like a day of extremes, you have more emotion that you know what to do with. At the same time you may be fighting hard for your ideas to succeed. Rather than reacting to your environment, put yourself in the driving seat and stay on your path. Have the courage to trust your instincts and act on your conscience, obstacles may then turn into stepping stones.