The word ‘Lockdown’ currently has great significance in our lives, particularly now that it applies to all of us rather than just a few.

The first letter ‘L’ is a 3 and the first vowel ‘O’ is a 6, these numbers dominate this word.
The 3 represents the trinity and great creativity.
The 6 represents harmony and taking responsibility.

The Soul Urge (S/U) or motivation that comes from this word (12/ 3) can be viewed as the trinity made real or viable (3 x 4 = 12), structures that have been developed so creativity can flourish. This can also be seen in how we have 12 hours in the day, 12 months in the year and 12 signs of the zodiac. This number can also represent great harmony and poise, (6 x 2 = 12) as masculine (1) and feminine (2) energies work together, taking responsibility for creating new solutions (3).

The 12th card in Tarot is ‘The Hanged Man’ (Le Pendu), this represents how many of us are feeling at the moment, upside down with all the money falling out of our pockets while we are holding on by a thread.  On the other hand, the person represented in the card is poised and at peace, away from the drama. If we look closely we can see the 7 represented with his legs in the shape of a 4 and his arms making the shape of a triangle, representing the 3. The trees either side can represent the 11/ 2, which acts as a channel and a direct link to spirit. The golden rope symbolises his connection with spirit and his Soul. The key aspect to the 11 is the space to connect with spirit, away from the usual dramas and distractions; a person in a cocoon, allowing himself to go with the flow.

The Personality No. (P) that comes from this word is 22/ 4 (2 x 11). The true spirit of this year (2020) comes from these 2s, a time of gestation and internalisation. With the 2 we have separation for the first time. 22/ 4 also represents the Master Builder, building with the love wisdom that can be found in such periods, represented by the 2.  There is potential here for big projects to come from the creativity that results from being upside down and being forced to do things in new ways, think in new ways and look at things in new ways.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

The Overall Self Expression (OSE) or the sum of the numbers that come from this word (34/ 7), represent a new structure (4) born of great creativity (3), a new structure for the spirit (7).

We have a unique opportunity here to think in new ways and to create new structures that allow creativity to flourish. As this process has to happen, embracing the opportunity that has presented itself and allowing this process, without putting energy into resistance, will allow us more energy and space for new thinking and creativity, so the new structures can emerge.

@2020 Copyright Jane Alton

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