The Words ‘Water’ and ‘Mind’ in terms of Numerology

The words ‘Water’ and ‘Mind’ have similar vibrations in terms of Numerology and can both be seen as master builders (22) who can bring about the transformation of existing structures (13/ 4).

The 22nd letter of the alphabet is the ‘V’, and this shape can illustrate expansive energies (at the top) being totally focused and grounded whilst trying to get every detail right (2, born of 20). This can be seen in how the master builder ultimately reflects and builds new structures, with great sensitivity and love/wisdom (22/ 4).

The 4th letter of the alphabet is the ‘D’ and this shape can illustrate the 1 of will, expanding into it’s potential (1Ɔ) while staying grounded and connected to the earth and itself, trying to build up to the heavens.

The first letter of the word ‘Mind’ – ‘M’ is the 13th letter of the alphabet.
13/ 4 represents great creativity (3) born of the fiery will of the individual (10), pushing through to transform an existing structure (4). 

The shape of the letter ‘M’ can look like the ‘V’ being held and supported on either side by the fiery will of the 1 energy (1V1). This double will of the 1 energy can be interpreted as holding up the structure, trying to keep it stable and strong, so creativity can break through.

This can be reminiscent of the mind sets we develop when interpreting the world and learning strategies to survive. As much as possible, we want structure and certainty in amongst constant change. Once learnt these mind sets can be very hard to let go of, after learning to fear we can get stuck.

The ‘Essence’ and ‘Overall Self Expression’ with the word ‘Mind’ is all about using creativity (3) and will (1) to build a solid structure (4), the motivation (9) here is to connect with the bigger picture so as to help humanity. To do this we have to let go and trust, ideally accumulating wisdom and compassion along the way. 

The first letter of word ‘Water’ – ‘W’ is the 23rd letter of the alphabet.
23/ 5 is again about creativity (3), however this time it is born of emotion and sensitivity (20), with the potential to bring about change and new thinking (5). 

The ‘Essence’ (16/ 7) and ‘Motivation’ (6) from the word ‘Water’ are about holding the reflection, harmonising one’s life with the greater life and taking responsibility for maintaining harmony and balance (just like water will always find its level).

The shape of the letter ‘W’ looks like two ‘Vs’ side by side (VV), this is passive, receptive and reflective. This shape is very up and down, illustrating our tendency to have the ideas but to doubt ourselves, potentially flying high but then crashing down.

This can be reminiscent of water taking the shape of whatever holds it. Water when it is still and clear can appear passive, but it reflects what surrounds it, holding the memory of all it has witnessed. On the other hand, water whipped up in a storm can become great waves that bring devastation. Similarly, water conducting electricity can be deadly if touched.

Water whether running smoothly or in great waves, is capable of moving mountains. It is the energy and motion behind and within it that gives it the power to bring about change.

We experience this every day as we live in watery realms, most of our planet is covered in water and 60% of our bodies are water.  Biological life came out of the water.

If we look at the word ‘Life’ in terms of Numerology: –

  9  5    Soul Urge / Motivation =   14/   5
3  6      Personality / Essence =       9/   9
            Overall Self Expression =  23/ 14/ 5

This illustrates how our lives are born of emotion (20/ 2) and our experience of life can be in a constant state of flux, we can be riding high and then come crashing down. We may have the ideas (3) but then doubt ourselves. We may want the security and stability of our existing structure (or comfort zone) (4) but also need the freedom (5) to explore new ideas.

Ideally we will learn greater humility through witnessing others share our experiences, allowing us to realise how connected we all are in the sea of life. To help others we may have to let go of existing mind sets and structures, to think in new ways, to learn from all that has gone before and to let go and trust (9). The prominent 3 in the ‘Overall Self Expression’ as well as the 3 derived from the first letter, gives us great potential for creativity and new thinking.

As with water, it is the energy and motion (or motivation) behind us and within us, that gives us the power to bring about change.

Necessity is the mother of invention and this is especially true of this year 2020, which has given us so much time to reflect.

@2020 Copyright Jane Alton

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