Numerology for 21/ 10/ 2012

Quiet your soul and allow time to look within and to reflect – it’s not just about survival. You love to talk and you are good at it, you can teach others from your experience and understanding, but leave others in peace occasionally also, there is a great deal you can teach just by example. Rather than running on empty take time out and fill yourself back up again.

Numerology for 20/ 10/ 2012

Achieving success for your family and maintaining a happy harmonious home means a great deal to you. There may be a lot of emotion today with regard evaluating your independence and how much this means to you. Communication and compromise with those you love is key. Why spend time trying to fit in when you were born to stand out

Numerology for 19/ 10/ 2012

Learn the value of silence and occasionally let your actions speak for themselves. In your struggle to be independent and self confident value your friends. Stay inspired and on track despite great transience and change. Try to ensure frustration does not mean the words pour out of you.

Numerology for 18/ 10/ 2012

It all starts with letting go and trusting, as well as having the courage to truly be yourself. You can see beyond the obstacles, to exactly where you want to be. You may always put other’s feelings before your own and may disappear in your concern for others, obstacles however keep you focussed. Learn to say no to others occasionally. You can help others far more when you are not running on empty. Find the harmony within and it will surround you.

Numerology for 17/ 10/ 2012

Focussing on pleasing others may cause you frustration today. Try to see things from the perspective of others and beware of the words pouring out of you. You love to take chances and can risk everything for what you believe, but you usually manage to land on your feet. Try not to be so hard on yourself, surrender occasionally and admit to your mistakes – image isn’t everything…

Numerology for 16/ 10/ 2012

Despite constant change and things going from under you, you never lose your breadth of your vision and your determination to uplift others, by making your vision real. You may feel it’s all down to you, but help may come from unexpected placed, especially if you focus on the essentials and open yourself to the spiritual. Try not to be too judgemental, sometimes you may have to leave others to their own devices.

Numerology for 15/ 10/ 2012

Big projects can come from you communicating in your own unique way, but you have to keep your energies focussed and calm down. To some you can be a controversial figure and your bold actions can make for negative reactions. Develop a global vision of yourself and try not to take it too personally when others don’t get your breadth of vision and don’t want to know they have a choice. Try to see things as others see them and co-operative ventures could result.

Numerology for 14/ 10/ 2012

Taking time in everything you do is important to you – you hate to be rushed. You also have a lot of fun surprising others with the courage to be yourself and to do things in your own unique way. When changing the way others think – start with yourself. Although the opinion of others can make you feel unworthy, ground yourself and truly love who you are. “After ecstasy, the laundry” – Zen statement

Numerology for 13/ 10/ 2012

You pride yourself on your ability to deliver results and you can overcome any resistance through sheer guts and determination. You have a great need to relax and at times can find this near impossible. You can be much harder on yourself than others. You plan and then can get frustrated by inaction. Try to be more forgiving, especially of yourself, blaming others is the surest way to stay in a problem, as you are giving your power away.

Numerology for 12/ 10/ 2012

You like to be the centre of attention and like your work to be appreciated, but be careful promoting yourself doesn’t cause resentment. Take the feelings of others into account – you could be a rock of strength to them. You are not interested in daily routine and one of your biggest challenges is to focus on one step at a time and to value the small. Listen also to your inner voice as well what’s happening on the outside, there is great wisdom in your feelings and emotions.