Numerology for 21/ 12/ 2022

The Winter Solstice is known as the shortest day of the year (also the longest night of the year) and in latin the word ‘Solstice’ literally means “sun” (sol) “to stand still” (sistere)
A solstice is an event that occurs when the Sun appears to reach its most northerly or southerly excursion relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere.
You may feel you are giving too much and need a break. It may be time to truly listen to your self and others. It’s wonderful that you are so devoted to your cause, but are you doing this to make you feel better or to help other people feel better? Is there some deep heartache that you would rather not deal with? You have some amazing ideas and can bring out the best in others, but all the time you feel in conflict with yourself, this may be reflected to you. So, give yourself a break ….

Numerology for 20/ 12/ 2022

You are great at starting things and can generate a great deal through your thoughts and emotions. Your sensitivity and vulnerability can also help you to overcome great odds and allow you to help others along the way. But you may also hide great heartache and so much emotion can leave you feeling confused. It may be key for you that you establish boundaries, while also expressing your feelings, without taking events personally. Try also to stay focussed on your goal, as when you do, you can be a great organiser. Be grateful for your drive, as this push can keep you going and help you push through lots of ups and downs along the way and can help you to see your great sensitivity as the great strength it is.

Numerology for 19/ 12/ 2022

You may want to take a break from looking after everyone else as you may feel beset by obstacles and there may be a massive struggle to be independent and self-confident. This may bring up lots of emotion that you find difficult to express, so you may decide to focus your relentless determination on turning things around. If so, try not to close yourself off. Have faith in yourself and stay true to who you are. Stop looking for perfection and make the best of where the wind takes you, trust life will move you where you are needed. Learn to own your strength but always be open to new and different ideas. Above all, remember to laugh and have fun along the way

Numerology for 18/ 12/ 2022

Your thoughts and plans may be detailed and far-reaching and you may be in it for the long haul. You may be very persistence and when things are not working out well, this can cause problems. You can make great demands on others as well as yourself, so you need to recognise when others are unable or unwilling to change and tailor your expectations accordingly. You may be holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone and may at times have to let go and trust, allowing regeneration to happen. At times like these it is important to see things as others do, try also to stay focussed rather than become scattered. Know also that you don’t have to be in charge for everything to come right. Rather than get caught up with feeling lots of emotion that you may find difficult to express, drop the martyrdom and truly listen to others. Even though you may be exhausted and impatient consider the feelings of others before you speak and try to keep your words positive and constructive. You have an opportunity to learn a great deal, as you look from a new perspective and potentially work with others more creatively.

Numerology for 17/ 12/ 2022

You like to focus on the here and now, on what is substantive and solid. You like to get to the bottom of things and may be able to see with crystal clear vision exactly what’s standing in the way of progress. You may feel it’s down to you to change things for the better, as others may appear not to see what is obvious to you and this may cause you great frustration. If so, it may be important you establish boundaries and don’t take on too much. Try also to be more patient, engage with the bigger picture, remember everything evolves in cycles and that change is guaranteed. Try to trust the process, lighten up and let fun and laughter move your world too.

Numerology for 16/ 12/ 2022

You have an amazing imagination that may at times feel stifled by reality. It is important that you stay positive and grounded, reaching for the stars with your feet firmly on the ground. Be decisive and try not to make things too complicated. Find the courage to be yourself and do things in your own way, even though this may bring up lots of emotion. Know that when you focus your energies you can achieve great things, so follow your passion and try not to get side-tracked so easily. Learn to say no and choose who you help, rather than give in to anyone who asks or is in trouble.

Numerology for 15/ 12/ 2022

You think big and recognise few limitations, you may be determined to make the world a better place. Others may not be receptive to your different way of thinking and despite this it may be important to see your great sensitivity as the strength it is. Trust your inner voice and allow this to help you initiate new thinking within yourself and to bring in new ideas, while you keep yourself on course. You may have to accept limitations and make the best of where you are but stay connected with the bigger picture. You may have to learn detachment – to let go with love of all that is unproductive. If so, try to keep your connection with others open and optimistic. Don’t get caught up in power games, focus instead on thinking in new ways and inspiring others to do so. Keep pushing forward with new thinking and creativity …    

Numerology for 14/ 12/ 2022

You may be complex and profound, but you have a unique perspective and the potential to inspire others to look at things differently. You may feel you have to fight to get your message across and this may bring up lots of emotion, as you like the freedom to do things in your own way and you don’t like to be forced into anything. It may be important that you carefully consider what you say and do, while making your point quietly. You don’t have to fight for everything and can often get your message across more effectively when you are light-hearted and fun.

Numerology for 13/ 12/ 2022

It’s great that you can be painstaking in your work but try to ensure your planning to get every detail right, doesn’t stop you moving forward. There is a point at which polishing becomes wearing away, so try to ensure you act decisively and creatively, ideally with great emotional control. Taking time to stand back and connect with the bigger picture, can help you to keep things simple and can encourage you to look at things in new ways and so find new solutions. Allow yourself also to go with the flow and you may discover great intuition and synchronicity can change everything.  

Numerology for 12/ 12/ 2022

You may care a bit too much about the happiness of others and trying to make everything perfect. You may have lots to say, but it may be far more important you truly listen and see things as others do, ideally stepping back to see the beauty without the perfection. Finding balance within yourself is the way for balance and harmony to surround you. Staying focussed rather than scattered, taking responsibility for yourself before others. Saying no occasionally, to ensure you are not running on empty, this may all be very important for you today, if you are to bring out the best in yourself and others.