The ‘Lions Gate Portal’

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment, you may be interested to know of powerful energies, potentially impacting us all, as ‘The Lions Gate Portal’ opens (as it does each year), from 28 July to 12 August, when the Sun is in Leo and the stars, Sirius, Orions Belt and the Earth all line up.

This movement creates a powerful portal of energy, which peaks on Monday, 8 August 2022.

At its peak, this portal acts as a potent manifester, allowing us to boldly and optimistically open new doors of opportunity.

This portal first opened this year, with the Super New Moon in Leo on 28 July 2022, encouraging us to recognise our personal power and to allow this to manifest itself.

With the New Moon in Leo, those who have been silent, in a non-aggressive, but assertive way may insist on change and may roar. The current European champions, The Lionesses (UK’s Women’s National Soccer team), are a great example of this.

Energies from this portal, are at their peak on Monday 8/ 8/ 2022 and this date is dominated by 8 energy and 2 energy.

The number 8 in numerology represents karma, it is the one number that has no end and on its side represents the symbol for eternity. The number 8 in numerology represents constant movement, as light (or spirit) goes into matter, to re-emerge bringing everything to the surface to be looked at and to be re-evaluated. The 8 represents the strategist and organiser, tirelessly moving back and forth, constantly knocking down and rebuilding. With 8 energy balance between the material and spiritual realms becomes key and we may feel forced into action.

A double 8 represents ‘the masters of karma’ and a generator, bringing everything up to be re-evaluated. This energy can make us feel ‘back at square one’ as it may feel that everything is being brought up to the surface to be looked at and we may feel we have to constantly decide ‘do I take this with me? do I want to think like this? or do I let this go?’.

The number 2 in numerology represents relating to others, while trying to balance the emotional seesaw of union and separation. With the number 2 we have separation for the first time (1 1) and the opportunity to look at ourselves, to explore opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects, to find balance as we explore existing boundaries and extremes.

Three 2s can encourage intense emotion and hypersensitivity. This may result in wanting to isolate ourselves, as we may feel vulnerable. We may also distrust our intuition and may feel very defensive. Ultimately, we may find we need to appreciate, consider, and co-operate with others more, as together we may feel forced out of our comfort zones, perhaps forced to confront things we don’t want to look at and encouraged collectively, to think in new ways.

Looking at this date in more detail –

8      8      2022  6                                                 First Goal (8 + 8)         = 16/   7
                                                                                 Inner Work (2+2+2)   =   6/   6
        16            24                                                   Life Path or Mission = 22/ 13/ 4

         7              6



The energy 88 takes us to 16/ 7, as the movement encourages us to look within (7), to focus again on finding our truth and our will (1) to realise how best to help others, as well as ourselves (6). Our ‘Inner Work’ (6) is to take responsibility for this, to seek balance and harmony.

By going within (7) and taking responsibility (6) for the new world we choose to create, there is the potential for transformation and rebirth (13/ 4). 13/ 4 in numerology represents ‘necessity being the mother of invention’ as great creativity (3) pushes against the existing will (1) and the existing structure (4) to transform things and ultimately bring in new structures.

The Life Path or Mission that comes from this date (22/ 13/ 4) encourages us to all act as ‘Master Builders’ and to build the new world with love and compassion (22/ 4), focussing on what will benefit everyone, not just the few.

On the way to completing our ‘Life Path’ or ‘Mission’ The ‘Rehearsal Number’ (76/ 13/ 4) represents a rise in consciousness for humanity as new concepts (6) born or spirituality (or looking within) (7), encourage new thinking, which brings in creativity (3) and new possibilities (1) that transform existing structures (4).

Looking at the name in terms of Numerology: –

       5   96         1   5   6      1       =   33/   6/   6          Soul Urge or Motivation 
2 8   3     51  7   2   7    92   3    = 49/ 13/   4          Personality    

                                                            82/ 19/ 10/ 1    OSE (Overall Self Expression)

Missing Number = 4

It is significant that the numbers that featured so strongly in the date this portal has strongest impact, also feature in this portal’s name.

The Soul Urge or Motivation 33/ 6, in numerology represents great creativity (33) coming from the heart and striving for perfect harmony (6). Intense 3 energy (33), can also result in feeling so responsible for the happiness of others, that you can give too much, so there can be bitterness too. (6 is also the inner work and 16/ 7 is the First Goal from the date 8/ 8/ 2022)

The Personality (49/ 13/ 4) indicates great creativity (3) pushing through two of the strongest numbers (1, the unstoppable generator and 4 the existing structure), to transform things. 49 can represent the end of an existing cycle (9) and the potential to extract the wisdom from all that has gone before (9), so the existing structure can be transformed to help humanity (9).
(The Life Path or Mission that comes from the date is 22/ 13/ 4, the Rehearsal no. = 76/ 13/ 4).

The Overall Self Expression (OSE 82/ 19/ 10/ 1) represents love wisdom (2) born of massive re-evaluation (8), resulting ultimately in the correct use of power (19/ 10/ 1).

19/ 10/ 1 can also represent a struggle to be independent and self-confident, as those who have been silent for so long, may struggle to find their voice. 19/ 10/ 1 also encourages decisions to be made without emotion, as the 9 must learn detachment in order to stand back and let go of all that is unproductive.

19/ 10 1 can also result in feeling pulled in different directions, (when focussing on self, wanting to help humanity and when focussing on helping humanity ‘how about me’). Ultimately the correct use of power requires breadth of wisdom (9) to influence the smaller self (or ego 1), that may be focussed on the survival of existing structures that they have benefitted from.

Ultimately this Portal is about the journey from the head to the heart, as we help ourselves so we can help others. Ideally, we build on what is already working, discarding all that no longer serves us (the 9 in action). To do this we need to learn detachment, which may be difficult as our motivation may be all heart and may result in us trying to fix everything and make everything work, when our focus needs to be letting go of all that is unproductive.     

Missing from this name is the number 4, this encourages determination and discipline in manifesting our goals. This may bring conflict, as the 4  may be focussed on being systematic, orderly and grounded, focussing on what is viable in order to maintain and build on an existing structure, The 4 is actually one of the most creative numbers if it can get past defending what has been created, to focus on inner transformation and ‘building the inner temple’, not just building on the outside.

As I have described in my previous articles/newsletters we are standing on the cusp of great change. Potentially moving from the masculine 1 energy being our major influence, to feminine 2 energy becoming our major influence.

The masculine 1 energy is dominated by fire and can insist on leading from the front, with one way of doing things. The feminine 2 energy is dominated by water and the moon and prefers to work behind the scenes as the diplomat, facilitator, co-ordinator and the peacemaker. Water can be deceptively cool, peaceful, and reflective, especially when flowing smoothly. Water can also generate tsunamis and floods.

Water may be gentle and peaceful, but it can move mountains …

In summary, I recommend, if possible, on Monday (8/ 8/ 2022), taking time to slow down and ideally to meditate or reflect on your dreams, and how best you can use your unique qualities and experiences to help others and to serve the planet.

We are all in this together!! 

© 2022 Copyright Jane Alton

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