The Pandemic Years – March 2022  

Part 1: Transitioning through the years

When we entered the 2020’s, the number of 2’s in the year became one of the dominant influences. Now that we are at the beginning of 2022, the impact of the 2 will be felt even more prominently. This 2 energy is also directly affecting more people, as anyone aged up to 21 will have at least one 2 in their chart.

The 2 in Numerology represents the peace maker, the diplomat, the facilitator,
potentially able to see both sides of a situation. The 2 very much ‘feels life’
and tries to balance the emotional see-saw of union and separation.

When a person has a lot of 2 energy there is the potential to be oversensitive,
fearful and confused. If poorly expressed 2 energy can also encourage
insensitivity, manipulation, extreme impatience and impressionability. This has
been highlighted by the appearance of the derogatory term ‘The Snowflake Generation’
to describe those in this age group who are seen as less resilient and more
prone to taking offence.

The zero in numerology represents the space or potential,
the no-thing that has no beginning or end and from which everything comes.
This, combined with the 2 to make 20, represents ‘the birth of something’ and brings
with it a period of inner development (or gestation), a period of deep inner
reflection, imperative creativity and the potential for violence.

Looking at the
distinct energies of the last couple of years:


This year is represented in numerology by the number 4 (2 + 0 + 2
+ 0) as well as 22/ 4 (20 + 2).

The 4 is an earth energy with the qualities of security and
stability, as well as the ability to focus on what is viable and practical.

  • This energy erects the structure, bringing
    ideas down to earth with dogged determination and can turn flights of fantasy
    into reality. It also acts as a bridge between the created world (seen) and the
    creative world (unseen) – applying creativity in the most practical, grounded
    way possible.
  • The 4 can experience conflict and feel overwhelmed
    with the responsibility of ‘holding everything together’. Initially 4 may focus
    just on working with the physical and essentially stopping inner movement. However,
    4 has the potential to ‘open up’ by working in a more abstract way, building their
    ‘inner temple’ with ideas and intuition, allowing their true creativity to flow.

The 22/ 4 represents the ‘Master Builder’ and brings the potential
to build the ‘new world’

  • This energy brings the potential for oscillation as these new structures are born out of 2 energy. This can mean great sensitivity and confusion, as there are so many extremes and contradictions to navigate.
  • Ultimately this is about building the dream from a position of intense sensitivity and fragility to become group centred and insightful.
    (22/ 4 also represents 2 x 11/ 2, 11/ 2 being the channel who can speak with inspiration, reconstructing with intuitive insight).


This year is represented by 5 (2 + 0 +
2 + 1) as well as 23/ 5 (20 + 2 + 1).

The 5 is a fire energy with the qualities of change,
communication, energy and motion.

  • The 5 is the means by which the mind
    experiences through its 5 senses, higher and deeper aspects of self. It
    requires the freedom to explore, experiment and question everything.
  • This energy wants to break free from
    stultifying norms in their quest for knowledge and experience. To embark on an
    exciting journey of discovery.

23/ 5 represents the ‘Scientist of the Emotions’, exploring ideas
(3), born out of emotion (20/ 2).

  • The 23/ 5 can represent lots of ups and downs,
    as there may be great ideas, but these are born of emotion which can mean you
    doubt yourself.
  • If this energy is focussed on what it loves
    and on ideas that are viable and practical, new ideas and new thinking which influences
    many can happen as a result.


This year  is represented by 6 (2 + 0 + 2 + 2), as well
as 24/ 6 (20 + 2 + 2).

The 6 energy
contains two trinities (3) and represents the original ideal now coming into
full bloom.

  • The 6 seeks its vision of harmony and
    perfection, taking hold of the ideas 5 has produced.
  • This is the idealistic number of heart and

The 24/ 6 represents new structures (4) born of emotion
(20/ 2) and can be ruthless about doing whatever is required for harmony and
perfection to prevail (6).

The combination in 2022 of the 6 with three 2s behind it, as
well as 24/ 6 may accentuate the key qualities of the 2 which is a water

Part 2: Key words and their numbers

On 31 December 2019, the World
Health Organization (WHO) was informed of a cluster of cases of pneumonia of
unknown cause detected in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. As a result of this 2020 and 2021
have been dominated by Coronavirus (commonly known as covid).


When we look at this word in terms of Numerology:

   6  9   = 15/ 6 Soul Urge or Motivation
3   4 4 = 11/ 2  Personality
              26/ 8  Overall Self Expression (OSE)

The soul urge (15/ 6) encourages new thinking, decision making (5) and taking responsibility (6).

The personality (11/ 2) encourages breadth of vision and for
us to be inspired to think in new ways and the space to connect with the spirit.

The OSE (26/ 8) represents responsibility towards others (6)
born of emotion and sensitivity (20/ 2).

The 8 in the OSE is significant, also representing ‘Lord
Karma’ it encourages re-evaluation and can mean being pushed into action, to
see both sides of a situation, feeling the pain of others, showing compassion. The
shape of the 8 represents  continual
movement of spirit into matter and light into the dark. The shape of 8 has no
beginning or end and on its side 8 represents eternity. This continual
re-evaluation means everything is brought to the surface to be looked at.  

The first letter of each word is also important as
the sound of the first letter can carry on through the sound of the word. The
first letter of the word Covid is C, a 3 energy, encouraging spontaneous


At the end of 2021 we are beginning to see
the potential for ‘Omicron’ to dominate in 2022.
When we look at this word in terms of Numerology:

6    9     6   = 21/ 3 Soul Urge or Motivation
   4   39   5
= 21/ 3  Personality
                     42/ 6  Overall Self Expression (OSE)

The Soul Urge and personality (21/ 3) represent the birth of consciousness and
the manifestation of the idea. This number is attention-seeking and demands
immediate attention.

This energy brings us back to the original
idea (3 – the trinity, the blueprint, the idea), this time with great will (1)
driving emotion and sensitivity (20/ 2), determined to get every detail right.
21/ 3 also brings us back to 22/ 4 and the new world we want to build (4) with
love and compassion (22).

The OSE (42/ 6) encourages love wisdom (2) into the existing structure (4) to
take responsibility and to care for others (6). If not balanced, this can also
mean suppressing the growth of others and/or trying to impose your beliefs on

The first letter of the word Omicron is O, a 6 energy, encouraging us to take
responsibility and to promote harmony. With this influence we may view our role
as giving service to others and with the 2 influence this may bring up deep
emotions. We may feel out of our depth and a great deal of adjustment may be
required. We may keep our true feelings hidden.


With people becoming increasingly conscious
of their impact on the environment and the suffering of others, there is an
increasing push to bring in new structures that have a direct and immediate
impact. Many people are now promoting ‘compassion in farming’ with the choices
they are making. Many (especially the young) are now becoming vegan, a trend
which is gathering momentum.

When we look at this word in terms
of Numerology:

5  1    
=     6/  6        Soul Urge or Motivation
4   7  
5  = 16/ 7         Personality

                  22/ 13/ 4
Overall Self Expression (OSE)

The Soul Urge (6) encourages us to take responsibility, promoting harmony and
perfection. The 6 is the idealistic number of heart and home, choosing to live without
harming or killing another animal.

The Personality (16/ 7) relates to taking responsibility for the others, focussing
on relationships and our responsibility towards others (6) rather than just ourselves
(1). This energy is about connecting to the bigger picture (7) to truly help

The OSE (22/ 13/ 4) is the ‘Master Builder’, transforming
the existing structure (13/ 4) and building the ‘new world’ from a position of
intense sensitivity, very aware of the fragility of this planet (22).
This number brings great creativity and communication (3), pushing against the
unstoppable generator (1) and existing structure (4) to transform things in a
practical way.
The 13/ 4 component of the OSE also refers to ‘necessity being the mother of
There is no planet B and immediate action is required if we are to save this

The first letter of the word vegan is V, which is also the
22nd letter, encouraging inspired leadership, which can envision
ideas and convert these into physical form. Practical with great intuitive awareness.

Such sensitivity and awareness can encourage immediate
action. A vegan diet has a direct impact on the environment as 93% of the
world’s water supply is used for meat and dairy production. A vegan diet can
also reduce a person’s carbon footprint by up to 73%.  

Now is the time for reflection.
What future do we want for ourselves and our children?

Since 2020 the number 2 in the year has become the dominant influence.
Now that we are at the beginning of 2022, the impact of the 2 will be felt even more prominently.

The 2 is a water energy with the following characteristics: –

Water reflects when still and can be transparent and calm.
Water is also very changeable and the waves generated can bring destruction and
move mountains.
Water has purifying qualities and can release the impurities from a structure.

Water is very adaptable and will always take the shape of the container it is
Water will always find its’ own level and rise collectively.

If we apply these qualities to the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, we see how during this period many have been stopped in their tracks and forced to experience a period of quiet which has brought the opportunity to reflect deeply within.
There has been great sensitivity and confusion, many extremes and contradictions to navigate.
Waves have been generated and old structures are coming down.
Everyone has been affected and many have become more group centred and insightful as a result.
From this position of intense sensitivity and fragility many see how new structures are needed.
While there may be resistance to change from those who have benefitted from the old structures, many want to be a part of the solution and not the problem and with enough people consistently making choices that demand change, new structures will emerge.
Adaptation, creativity and new thinking have become imperative.
Sharing the same goal on a global stage has increased co-operation and the speed of change.
The companies and people most willing and able listen and engage with their customers and voters, the companies then most able to adapt accordingly, will be the winners who take everyone with them.

Whereas for pervious generations the question was ‘What did you do in the war ?’
The question for future generations may be ‘What did you do to help save the planet ?’  

As with water there is the potential for us to rise together …

© 2022 Copyright Jane Alton

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