Russia and Ukraine from the Perspective of Numerology

This article follows my previous article “The date 22/ 02/ 2022, Russia and Ukraine”, which was written prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (24/02/2022). In the period between these articles, we have experienced a very intense period of 2 energy. Each date from 20/02/2022 to 28/02/2022 inclusive contains five 2’s, except 22/02/2022 which contains six 2’s and the greatest concentration of 2 energy to date.

Such a concentration of 2 energy can bring enormous sensitivity, encouraging individuals to respond with emotion and be extremely spontaneous and impulsive. Within this period, Russia invaded Ukraine (24/ 02) and the West subsequently introduced sanctions. Towards the end of this period (27/ 02) the assets and travel of named oligarchs and officials were frozen. Additionally, Russian banks were “disconnected from the international financial system” by limiting their access to messaging systems used to transfer money across borders. This action has never been done on such a large scale before. A bond of trust has been broken and the global financial system has been changed forever as a result.

A feature throughout these dates is also 20/ 2 energy, which in Numerology represents ‘The Goddess and the Miracle of Birth’.  Giving birth brings imperative creativity, but also violence, as there is a great focus on survival at all costs and ‘coming out on top’.

After 19 centuries with the 1 at the front of the year and everyone on this planet having a 1 in their charts, structures have been built and reinforced over many years to further strengthen the influence of 1 energy.

The new millennium (from year 2000) brought the potential (000) for us to go back to source (000) and to create new structures with 2 energy at the foundation. This potential grows with the influence of 2 energy becoming stronger with each successive year.

This is a profound shift, the qualities of 1 energy can be very loud, focussed on self, promoting ego and one way of doing things. The 1 encourages leading from the front and on top, controlling and containing, whilst often discouraging expression of emotion or empathy. The 2 energy on the other hand works in more silent, subtle ways. The 2 focuses within and underneath (like Mother Earth) encouraging growth, creativity and expansion through love and compassion.

The 1 energy has the qualities of fire and can be likened to ‘the ignition’ bursting with ambition, leading the way as a pioneer. The 2 energy conversely has the qualities of water and is more of a team player, constantly aware of duality, preferring to work from within as a peace maker, expressing empathy and compassion. Despite this, whilst water can reflect and be still (transparent when pure), water can also bring waves and tsunamis. Water when working with Mother Nature can move mountains.

With the increased influence of 2 energy, we experience separation for the first time (1   1) and have opportunity to see both sides of the situation, to look at ourselves and our impact on our environment. These qualities give 2 energy the propensity to act as a mediator – seeking to restore unity, peace and harmony to the most disparate parts of any situation, trying to balance the emotional seesaw of union and separation.

With this shift, many leaders (most of whom have benefitted from existing structures) are becoming increasingly aware that they have a new type of voter. Many of these leaders have learnt that if they wish to successfully engage with their new voters’ they must adjust their approach and communications accordingly. Currently anyone aged up to 22 may be strongly influenced by 2 energy and as well as being able to vote are often very ‘tech savvy’. The ‘snowflake generation’ has come of age and is now more able to encourage new ways of thinking with their empathy and compassion. Their increasing influence means that collectively we can start to respond in new ways and find new solutions. This may result in our new collective responses bringing existing structures down so new structures can be built, new structures that better reflect and can accommodate the new thinking.

The impact of the 2 energy from 2000 to 2019 was gradual compared to its impact from the year 2020.

In the year 2020, we all experienced separation and isolation due to Covid. During this period we had the opportunity to look at ourselves and our actions with greater awareness and understanding (1   1).  The Soul work for the year 2020 (20 + 2 = 22/ 4) represents the ‘Master Builder’ and can act as a wake-up call, encouraging potential new master builders to emerge. Leaders who are insightful and group centred, encouraging co-operation. Ideally mobilising us all to work for causes greater than individual benefit.

The Soul work for the year 2021 (20 + 2 + 1 = 23/ 5), builds upon our desire to build new structures, potentially encouraging creativity (3) and new thinking (5), all born of the 20/ 2.

The year 2022 further increases the prevalence of 2 energy, especially during February (2) 2022, as we move the furthest we have been so far from the influence of 1 energy. For the first time, 2 energy becomes the dominant energy, with all those up to the age of 21, the most strongly influenced.

The outer expression of the Soul work for the year 2022 (20 + 2 + 2 = 24/ 6), represents alchemy and the potential for new structures (4) to emerge from the watery depths of emotion (20/ 2) we may find ourselves plunged into. The date Russia invaded Ukraine (24/02/ 2022) has 24/ 6 as the starting point as well as 24/ 6, the Soul Work for that year, all in the same day. This potentially bringing to a head the desire for new structures and to break through existing limitations. This date also contains five 2’s and can bring enormous sensitivities as well as confusion.  The inner work to be done this year (2+ 0 + 2+ 2 = 6) encourages us all to take responsibility and embrace change, so a brave new world can emerge. Sacrifice may have been a pivotal theme of this day.

The first goal that comes from this date (24 + 2 = 26/ 8) represents ‘Lord Karma’. This introduces great feelings of responsibility towards others and new higher concepts (6) which are born out of emotion (20/ 2). The 8 represents karma in Numerology and is the one number that has no end (on its side OO this number represents eternity). The 8 ultimately represents the changing of patterns that would otherwise go on forever, ‘As Above, So Below’. The 8 illustrates the constant cycle of spirit or light going deep into matter or darkness, to re-emerge so eventually everything can be brought to the surface, to be looked at in the light of day.

8 represents re-evaluation and balance between spirit and matter because eventually the circles get smaller, as more is brought to the surface to be looked at and more light is taken into the dark. Ultimately 8 represents spirit and matter working together in harmony to regenerate and rebuild.

The constant movement represented by the 8 also illustrates how we are forced into action, forced out of our comfort zones, forced to re-evaluate, forced to look at what is put before us, forced into the unknown and into the dark. When there is imbalance, this can be destructive. Eventually the 8 represents working with spirit to bring about change without harming anyone.

Looking at the bigger picture…

World War 1 began *           28  7   1914     –   28 + 7 + 19 + 14 =     68/ 14/ 5     

World War 2 began              01  9   1939     –   01 + 9 + 19 + 39 =     68/ 14/ 5     

Russia Invaded Ukraine     24  2   2022     –   24 + 2 + 20 + 22 =     68/ 14/ 5     

* Using the assassination of the Austrian archduke Francis Ferdinand as a pretext to present Serbia with an unacceptable ultimatum, Austria-Hungary declared war on the Slavic country on this day in 1914, sparking World War I.

The Soul work for each of these years is about structure: –
The year 1914 (19 + 1 + 4 = 24/ 6), new structures (4) emerge from the depths of emotion (20/ 2).
The year 1939 (19 + 3 + 9 = 31/ 4), will (1) to build something solid (4) with communication (30/ 3).
The year 2022 (20 + 2 + 2 = 24/ 6), new structures (4) emerge from the depths of emotion (20/ 2).

68/ 14/ 5 in numerology represents a significant re-evaluation (8) of existing concepts and responsibilities (60/ 6). This can represent leadership or those in power (10/ 1) trying to bring in new structures (4) and new belief systems with the intention of breaking through and finding freedom (5) despite the perceived limitations.

14/ 5 in numerology represents ‘The Messenger with the Power of the Word’ and this energy can bring the potential to be obsessive, as well as very persuasive.

68/ 14/ 5 in this context ultimately represents the power of communication, to bring in new structures as well as new concepts or belief systems.

The influence of 68/ 14/ 5 energy here can bring a ruthless practicality as the 8 can be very direct in communication, forcing all involved into action and out of their comfort zones.

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