The year 2023 is about to begin and as you can see from the above diagram 2023 will be a ‘7 year’ (2+0+2+3), also characterised by 25/ 7 energy (20+2+3).

7 in terms of Numerology can be regarded as the ‘Magician’ as it contains the 3 and 4, so enhancing the potential to take ideas (3) and build something solid from them (4), ideally ‘opening up to spirit and running with it’. This may mean that in the process our inner lives may become of greater importance and rather than focus on getting every detail right on the outside, we may allow ourselves to connect with the bigger picture, to be more receptive and to see the beauty without the perfection, to work with life as it is rather than how we think it should be.   

This energy encourages us to go within, to trust our inner voice and to follow it. The challenge this year may be to remain true to ourselves’ at the deepest level, while also working together for the sake of humanity.

In terms of numerology, separation can be a characteristic of 2 energy and in recent years 2 energy has become more prevalent (especially on the date 22/2/2022).

As we start to emerge from years of separation (and in some cases isolation), some of us may be looking at ourselves and our environment differently. After potentially connecting in new ways to the universe within, this year (2023), gives us an opportunity to apply our new thinking to how we view the universe outside of ourselves.

The year 2023 can be represented by 25/ 7 (20+2+3), this represents co-operation and ‘the birth of consciousness’. As discussed in my previous newsletter, the words ‘Earth’, ‘Nature’ and ‘Heart’ in numerology all reduce to 25/ 16/ 7, so encouraging us all to be more in rhythm with the world around us, more aware and responsive to our surroundings.

This year (2+0+2+3=7) ultimately encourages us to connect with spirit (7) and our true nature. As a result, we may feel we need more time and space on our own, to know ourselves and live true to ourselves at the deepest level.

Spirit is of course everywhere and behind everything. The space that surrounds us, the ‘no-thing’ that appears empty and silent, represents potential in Numerology (0) and contains the potential for everything that is not yet manifest. Just as the cells and atoms within us are also made up primarily of space.

Everything physical is of the past and we are the bridge between this created world and the creative world, which has yet to be made real. The number 7 in Numerology represents the magician, with the potential to help this process, as 7 consists of 3 + 4 (where 3 represents great creativity and 4 the potential to build viable structures).

The key characteristic of the 7 is the desire to go into the quiet, to connect with spirit and our true authentic selves. As a result of being true to our authentic self and trusting our inner voice, we can then allow spirit (or this potential) to expand our world and encourage new thinking.

Connecting with spirit can take us back to the source and our true essence, beneath layers of behaviours and mindsets built and reinforced over thousands of years for our protection and survival.

When viewed from this perspective, ‘going into the quiet’ or the ‘no-thing’, a place with no structure, may seem futile and unnecessary – especially when there is so much that has to be done on the outside. 

Spirit may seem nebulous and vague, but for our environment to change there must be change on the inside and new thinking. Truly aligning with spirit individually and collectively, together connecting at source, makes it possible for us to truly work together, as one, in true peace and harmony.

Spirit and space are so vast they are beyond our comprehension, they are eternal…
To truly expand our thinking it is vital we connect with this.

Soul is the great mediator between spirit and matter, connecting us all with our source and the eternal within us, as well as to reality.

Soul is a state of being beyond self, as soul takes us into the collective consciousness which is united and connected to the wholeness of life on this planet, connecting us again with ‘Earth’, ‘Nature’ and ‘Heart’. Soul is a quality that can make us aware of our inter connectedness, it is a quality for us to find on the inside.

We may want to be in a different place and may feel this would solve everything. We may want to separate ourselves from all we choose not to deal with. We may want to stay ‘safe and secure’ in our comfort zones, but total security is an illusion and change is always guaranteed. Although on one level our life every day may feel the same, subtle currents beneath the surface ensure everything is in a constant state of flux, forever moving in cycles within cycles and changing everything. 

We may keep ourselves so busy that there is no time or space for reflection, the worlds of ego and pride can mean we are driven by our insecurities and our need to be seen as separate and ‘special’. They can keep us focussed on ‘keeping up appearances’, wanting to be seen as ‘in charge and in control’. Living only in the physical, emotional, and mental realms of the personality can prevent us from learning and limit the scope of our vision and energy. 

Connected with spirit however, we may feel empowered to change things and connected to source. – we may instead think in terms of abundance. Connected at source to everything, we may feel at home everywhere, as we see ourselves in all beings.

The longest journey for all of us is from our head to our heart.

Below I have tried to illustrate with Numerology the movement from Self to Collective (via Personality, Ego, and Soul), using the numbers generated by these words, as illustrated above: –

Please note the second number of a double digit has greater influence as it has a zero behind it.  
I have included in this analysis the first letters of these words, as the sound of the first letter is carried through when enunciating the word. I refer also to Tarot cards, as Tarot comes from Numerology and the images on the cards illustrate ‘the journey of the Soul’.

The starting point for us all are the unique set of circumstances we are all born into and how our senses interpret and respond. From our version of events our sense of self emerges, distinguishing us from others and helping us to make our own unique contribution to the world.

When we look at the word ‘Self’ in terms of numerology it begins with the letter ‘S’ which is a 1.
This represents a dynamic courageous leader, with flashes of insight, but a great deal of emotion.

The Personality number (what the world sees) is a 10/ 1, this brings great potential (0) to break through as a pioneer (1), moving from dependence to independence, to break through with courage, taking ourselves and others into new territory.

The Soul Urge or motivation is a 5., this is to explore using our five senses, to find our truth and to live our truth. Initially the five  senses explore externally (smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing). The number 5 connects us also with our mind and indicates the potential for new thinking, as we assimilate information received through the filter of our five senses.

The resulting combination or  ‘overall-self-expression’ (OSE) is 15/ 6. This represents ‘choices made’ as the 5 influences the 1 which can send you in many directions, as the 5 senses explore all possible options in their search for harmony (represented by the 6).

“To know thy self is the beginning of wisdom” – Socrates.

As we learn to express ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally (intellectually as well as verbally) our personality emerges. If we look at this word in terms of numerology.

The word ‘Personality’ starts with the letter ‘P’ which is a 7 and can mean that the ‘Personality’ works best alone, wanting to express its uniqueness and needing space and time to know itself at the deepest level. It brings together, tries to balance and interpret (physically, emotionally, and mentally) information received from the senses.

The Personality number (what the world sees) is a 27/ 9. This represents spirituality (7) born of emotion (20/ 2). The number 20/ 2 also represents ‘the miracle of birth’ and means imperative creativity, as well as a need to survive and be the best. The resulting 9 extracts the wisdom from all that is learnt, potentially to share that wisdom with others. The number 27/ 9 represents ‘wisdom from feelings and emotions’.

The Soul Urge or motivation is 28/ 10/ 1. This is a massive re-evaluation (8), born of emotion (20/ 2) and a need to be the best. There is a potential (0) to break through and be the pioneer you truly want to be. This can result in a great deal of emotion as you may feel torn between wanting to be a personality that conforms or ‘fits in’ and has the approval of those in authority, but needing also to be your true authentic self.

It is interesting how society can regard it as ‘a crisis’ when a personality starts to change their nature, from conforming to established patterns of behaviour and mindsets (many of which are subconscious) to connecting more with their potential or source (0) and responding with greater awareness. Great courage is needed to break through and become a pioneer, allowing your true authentic self (10/ 1) to emerge from the potential or ‘no-thing’. A person who is prepared to break out of the established structure, to dive into the ‘no-thing’ or potential (0), faces their fears and as a result is no longer ‘stuck in fear’. They cannot be easily manipulated or controlled, and may also encourage others to do the same.

The resulting combination or OSE is 55/ 19/ 10/ 1). In this, the 55 can represent an emotional breakdown if energies feel blocked. New thinking can result in a break down, but this can lead to a break-through and illumination. The number 19/ 10/ 1 represents ‘the correct use of power’ as the 1 and 9 are combined. This can also result in a struggle to be independent and self-confident, initially the person may feel pulled in different directions. When focussing on the self (1) you may want to be helping humanity (9) and when focussing on helping humanity (9) you may be concerned about your personal welfare ‘how about me?’ (1). The 9 here also leads to the 10/ 1 and a dive into the potential or ‘no-thing’. The number 19/ 10 / 1 can also make decisions without emotion, to do what needs to be done.

When a balance is eventually found 19/ 10/ 1 can represent a ‘new age type leader’ who works to help humanity. The 19 Tarot card represents ‘The Sun’ as nothing is hidden, and every dark corner is explored.

The ’Sum of the missing numbers’ from the word ‘Personality’ is 12/ 3. In terms of Numerology, the 12 (made from 3 x 4 =12) can represent creativity (3) made viable (4) as the personal will (1) is influenced by love wisdom (2). The 12 Tarot card represents ‘The Hanged Man’ away from the drama, upside down, looking at things differently. All the things that the personality may want, or desire are removed (represented by coins falling out of his pockets and cut branches of tree on either side of him). He has reached the point of no return and is poised, there is no resistance. He hangs upside down, suspended by a rope, with his hands tied behind his back. His arms form the shape of a triangle (3), and his legs make the shape of a (4).

Ego can be regarded as a component of personality and would usually have great resistance to this.
Ego can define how we want to see ourselves and how we connect with others.        
Ego is strongly connected to our personal feelings and opinions, regarding our journey to date.

As a result, ego can be the fuel that drives our self-confidence and our ability to take risks and seize opportunities, to help ourselves and others. Ego can also mean we are determined to maintain feelings of superiority and separateness from others. There is also, always the potential to live a spiritual life in alignment with your ego’s needs, by understanding the difference between needs and wants, what can and cannot be changed.

Either way, ego can provide a direct link to spirit.

When we look at the word ‘Ego’ in terms of numerology, it begins with the letter ‘E’ which is a 5. This first letter is a vowel, giving this word the qualities of Soul. The number 5 in numerology represents the need for freedom and the potential to be adaptable and versatile, as well as impulsive. The 5s need change, variety, and excitement and can always be looking outside of themselves for validation. The 5 is also the number of the mind, as information from the five senses is interpreted and acted upon.

The Personality number (what the world sees) is a 7. This can represent great spirituality, as you trust your inner voice and ‘run with it’. This inner voice relates to how we see ourself, whether connected with your true authentic self and all of humanity, or whether you have an illusion you want to maintain.

The Soul Urge or motivation is 11/2.  This can result either in a direct link with spirit (11), wanting to inspire others to think in the same way you and needing space to hear the inner message you want to share. As a result, you can be inspiring, and/or overbearing. Without this connection with spirit, your focus may be on the 2. In this context, this could result in limited vision, separation, and a great deal of emotion. You may be focussed on detail, just seeing mistakes and scarcity, feeling a victim who’s stuck.

The resulting combination or OSE is 18/ 9. This represents a massive re-evaluation (8), as everything may be brought to the surface to be looked at and re-evaluated in the cold light of day. Regeneration and revision of the 1 and how you view yourself, results in a 9 (the end of the cycle). The 9 extracts the wisdom from all that has gone before, to share this with humanity as a teacher or in service to others. Limited vision may however result in little movement here.

This brings us to the word ‘Soul’.

When we look at the word ‘Soul’ in terms of numerology, like ‘Self’ this word also begins with the letter ‘S’ which is a 1. This represents a dynamic courageous leader, with flashes of insight but also a great deal of emotion.

The Personality number (what the world sees) is a 4. This this can bring conflict as the 4 can be very focused on building a viable structure on the outside, when building from your inner environment or ’inner temple’ is required.

The Soul Urge or motivation is a 9. This is to extract the wisdom from all that has come before and to give this back in service and through teaching.

The resulting combination or OSE is 13/ 4. This represents rebirth as great creativity (3) influences the personal will (1), so together they push against existing structures (4) to transform things.
This 13/ 4 can also be seen as combining the 9 represented in Ego and Personality, the 10/ 1 of Self and Personality, the 11/ 2 of Ego and the 12/ 3 from the missing numbers in the word ‘Personality’.

The word ‘Collective’ like ‘Soul’ is also very creative, this word similarly begins with the letter ‘C’ which is a 3, this represents spontaneous creativity and great communication skills, as well as great sensitivity and potential joy.

The Personality number Is 18/ 9. This represents a massive re-evaluation (8), as everything may be brought to the surface to be looked at and re-evaluated in the cold light of day. Regeneration and revision (of the 1 and how you view yourself), result in a 9 (the end of the cycle). The 9 extracts the wisdom from all that gone before, to share this with humanity as a teacher or in service to others.

The C’s and L’s in this word are all 3s, these represent the potential for great creativity and communication skills regarding this revision.

The Soul Urge or motivation is 25/ 7. This represents great co-operation and the birth of consciousness (in rhythm with 2023).

The resulting combination or OSE is 43/ 16/ 7. This represents instability, but also a willingness to adapt and the potential for transformation. As great creativity (3) is born of the existing structure (40/ 4), so to can new thinking and new actions, (taking responsibility for self and others) result (16/ 7).

As discussed in my previous articles: –
The word ‘Ukraine’ and Putin’s mission in this lifetime is 34/ 16/ 7. The 34/ 7 represents systematic spiritual growth, as new structures (4) are born out of creativity and communication (30/ 3).

Both these numbers result in a 7, the inner work we are all being encouraged to do this year.
The 7 consists of 3 + 4, the 3 represents great creativity and the 4 represents the potential to build viable structures.

We are here to support and protect each other and the situation in Ukraine encourages us to respond and work collectively, with greater co-operation and communication. This way there is the potential for new solutions to be found. Solutions that ensure new structures are built that prevent history from repeating itself, by ensuring continued co-operation, communication, and creativity. New structures that ensure this ‘birth of consciousness’ and new thinking continue to be made real and viable.

We may feel limited in what we can do personally to help the people of Ukraine and the planet, but by taking time away from the drama to go into the quiet and reflect before making more conscious informed choices, and by becoming more aware of our impact on our surroundings and environment, we can increase the momentum of a growing tide of awareness, in rhythm with the time.

So, stand your ground and attempt to live your life in an authentic way.

We may go into the quiet individually, but we can then share what we find with others and as more become aware and in rhythm with their potential and the eternal within each of us. Together we can see what has always been there to see and together new solutions can be found.

‘Going into the quiet’ can also be helped greatly by such pleasantries as music and activities such as gardening and walking, as they can bring us closer to nature.   

“Nature doesn’t rush, yet everything is accomplished” – Lao Tzu

 Winter always turns to Spring.

© 2023 Copyright Jane Alton

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