Numerology for 18/02/2010

Try to see the bigger picture today, remaining fixed on your long term goals, while at the same time attending to your daily business, however mundane. You need the will power and toughness to see your plans through, while at the same time preserving your sensitivity and not expecting too much of yourself.

Numerology for 17/02/2010

You are extremely sensitive today and have purposely put on a tough armour. You know you can overcome your obstacles yourself, but try not to be too suspicious of others and let them help you. Overcoming obstacles together, you might inspire yourself and others.

Numerology for 16/02/2010

Spirited and courageous, having to plod along today may drive you nuts. Try to find the grace to co-operate with others and help effect change at a pace that suits everyone. Try not to be too hard on those you regard as inflexible or condescending.

Numerology for 15/02/2010

Master your emotions and there may be revelations. Allow yourself to be inspired – so you can inspire others. Keep your energy flowing and try not to be too sensitive to criticism.

Numerology for 14/02/2010

You can make others laugh as well as think today, but try not to be too sarcastic and try not to make others defensive. You can focus in the middle of uproar, try to make your focus positive and be a true pioneer.

Numerology for 13/02/2010

You are full of energy today, spontaneous and outgoing. You may have to control your emotions and cultivate calm, so as to be more responsive to the feelings of others. Stay in touch with your centre and try not to be too impatient with those who are not on your wavelength.

Numerology for 12/02/2010

Harmony based on truth really matters to you today, you also want success so your home can be secure. You are trying to bridge gaps between those you care about and may find that courage is needed to follow the path of non action.

Numerology for 11/02/2010

There may be lots of focus on communications and relationships today. You may be connecting with others in new ways. You may need courage to share your unconventional ideas, for improving the quality of life around you, but may be surprised by the outcome.

Numerology for 10/02/2010

Be practical about how much you can help others today, running on empty you can’t help anyone. Also, not everyone can express themselves as well as you can and not everyone appreciates your efforts. In your head it may be time to break away from past events to pursue your dreams, it may be time to think in new ways and to put yourself first.

Numerology for 09/02/2010

You have a sharp mind and can have a sharp tongue. Your uniqueness makes a difference, but you need to learn patience. You can create a lot of energy around you, but this needs to be focussed rather than scattered. Strive for stability within.