Numerology for 21/03/2010

You may prefer to be alone rather than be with those who do not understand you. You can give the impression of being curiously uninvolved, but your anger when roused can be terrible. Beware of supporting others at the price of your own success – try to invest in something more lasting

Numerology for 20/03/2010

Today it may feel impossible to let go of the past and you may feel you are taking a long time over crucial decisions. You may be feeling very stuck. To resolve this direct your energies towards realistic goals and focus on one step at a time.

Numerology for 19/03/2010

Chart your course with care, as once convinced you are on target you can be doggedly persistent, following through to the end. With the right target you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Numerology for 18/03/2010

Let go of the past and move onto a higher level. Without forgiveness you may find yourself stuck. Revisit your experiences and try to feel gratitude. Don’t let compromise and seeming acceptance, be an excuse for inaction or passivity.

Numerology for 17/03/2010

Loose your self in creativity today, use your true feelings to see clearly. With your gift of communication, confidence and discipline anything is possible, especially if you have the courage to take a risk.

Numerology for 16/03/2010

Today combine the imaginative and inspirational with the practical. You may have to compromise, but with self-confidence and self-acceptance you will come across as confident and attract big projects. Push yourself to express the very best which is you.

Numerology for 15/03/2010

You are very magnetic and charming but you may feel isolated as your standards are so high. Learn to enjoy yourself wherever you are, kindness and generosity will pay back many times over and you can be an example to many.

Numerology for 14/03/2010

Learn to trust and teach through inspiration. Master yourself so you can teach others to do this for themselves. You understand yourself in relation to others. You are creative, but without discipline you are lost. Try to demand a bit more of yourself.

Numerology for 13/03/2010

A chance happening may turn things around for you today. Even difficulties can be turned around to positive. Try to approach everything with an open mind, see everything as an opportunity for growth and change.

Numerology for 12/03/2010

You seem to thrive on overcoming obstacles, when you stay focussed. You have a great need to be best and can drive yourself to your limit. Danger attracts you and don’t always listen to the advice of others. While you need to stay focussed so you don’t scatter your energy, try not to be quite so daring and intense. Rather than focussing just on your goals, express the beauty and enjoy the journey.