Numerology for 01/ 08/ 2021

You may be determined to bring others around to your point of view, but, you are the only boss you will tolerate and you can be highly adept at defending yourself with words, so a great deal of re-evaluation may be required. Despite your apparent self-sufficiency you are dependent on others and so you should try not to cut yourself off from them. You have a gift for seeing your world in a crystal-clear fashion and understanding the fundamental nature of things, but you can bring out the best in others as well as the worst. If you are holding onto a structure that has gone, now might be a good time to let go with love and embrace the new. Whatever you decide to do, it is important you acknowledge just how sensitive you are and how you can potentially lead the way with the word, uplifting others and inspiring them to see life from a very different perspective. Rather than put energy into frustration, recognise there may be a powerful pattern here for you to change. Know that life will be easier for all concerned when you accept change and responsibility.

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