Numerology for 05/ 03/ 2021

While fighting for everything and focussing on survival, you may come to realise that the true battle is with yourself. There may be obstacles and you may feel stuck, others may be trying to impose their thinking on you. You may have the ideas but you may doubt yourself and no matter how much you achieve, you may feel you are not getting anywhere. If you have reached this point it may be important to step away from the drama, to look at things in a new way, ideally to engage with the bigger picture and to become inspired again. Be kind to yourself and stay positive, every moment can be a new beginning. Your piercing insights have great impact, but so do simple acts of kindness. Regulate rather than be driven by your intense energy. It is your intention behind your thoughts or actions that truly count. It may be time to stop fighting, it may be time to allow your great creativity to come through and transform things.

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