Numerology for 18/ 11/ 2022

Although on the outside you may appear cool, calm and collected there may be a great deal of emotion you don’t want others know about. You may feel passionate about communicating your message and at times you may feel pulled in different directions, wanting security and stability but needing freedom. You may have great emotional control and may like to stay one step ahead but may be holding on too tightly to a structure that has gone. Recognise that although you may want to make a difference and may love to be the centre of attention, it is also important you stay focused and as grounded as possible. Rather than put energy into frustration, try to go with the flow, letting go with love all that no longer serves you. Everything goes in cycles and you have a choice in how you respond every moment. Despite perhaps being a very ambitious perfectionist, you don’t have to be in charge for everything to come right.

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