Numerology for 19/ 11/ 2022

You may be filled with revolutionary spirit but may also have great difficulty expressing yourself and this may lead to a great deal of frustration, as well as emotion. Know you may be striving for perfection in an imperfect world, know also that you may be exhausted. To conserve your energy, learn to take your power and to walk your own path. Obstacles are there to hone your strength and emotions. Try to remain focussed on your goals of freedom and justice. Try also to learn the value of silence and to see things as others do – all the time you are not at peace with yourself, you may feel in the middle of a conflict zone. When you make decisions without emotion, things can seem straight forward, but bring in emotion and everything can be more complicated. Rein in your impulsiveness and take responsibility, learn the value of co-operative ventures and positive thinking. Focus on taking action to help those with no voice and on being the inspiring guide. Remain scattered or shine for others.

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