Numerology for 23/ 02/ 2021

There may be lots of emotion that you find difficult to express and you may not want to face all that’s going on. Flexibility, seeing things as others do and doing things in new ways may be key for you today.  You may not have the best solution, so listen to the suggestions of others and try not to be too impatient, as this could lead to you placing your confidence with the wrong people. There may be a lot of emotion with regard to sticking with your plans and this may result in no action being taken and frustration, so try to engage with the bigger picture, while keeping things simple. Learn from others while sticking to your own path. If you can get past your fear of failure and look at things in new ways, you may find some new solutions. You may feel forced into action but may inspire yourself and others, if you can allow yourself to let go and trust.

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