Numerology for 23/ 11/ 2022

You have your plans and may know what you want to happen. You may have decided on action but may feel beset with obstacles, as other people trying to impose their thinking on you. However frustrating and humiliating it may seem, it may be important that you respectively listen and keep your words clear and simple. Don’t repeat yourself and try not to put energy into frustration. Get a handle on your reactions – don’t let others push your buttons, particularly those in authority. You have a wonderful sense of humour, which can diffuse potentially explosive situations and save the day for you. You are expansive and can be visionary idealistic and inspirational, but you can also be extremely impatient and easily influenced. You may doubt yourself at a profound level and may be deeply sensitive. If so, trust there is great wisdom in your feelings and emotions – they are your greatest strength … Hands off and let things happen when the time is right … Obstacles mean you are moving forward, and it may be important you find solutions together that work for everyone …

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