Karen Bashford Relationship Coach, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master  

“I meet Jane at a ladies networking event and as Numerology has always held a fascination for me, I decided to find out more.
Jane was able to advise me within less than a minute from my name and date of birth, some very interesting and relevant points. I have always felt there was a part of me which was missing, which I was searching for. As soon as Jane started speaking I was hooked and I booked a reading there and then!
I provided Jane with various names and dates of people and events which have shaped my life. From those dates and names Jane obtain some amazing facts. I was absolutely stunned by the amount of information it is possible to be given.
Jane spent two hours explaining and clarifying to me facts which made so much sense. I now know why people and events were important to me.  I have a clear picture of where I am at the present and where I need to go for the future. As well as having an understanding of why things happened in the way they did.
Thank you so much Jane, for an exceedingly insightful and enjoyable reading. Because of Jane some fantastic changes have already started to take place in my life and I am looking forward to even more!”

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