Ros Lund of Fresh Lens Limited

“I was very excited when I learned that I had won the Numerology competition in the Wellbeing magazine. I found the reading very thorough and insightful. I was amazed about the depth of personality insights that can be obtained from the analysis of the numbers of my date of birth and names. I found the analysis very consistent with things such as astrological profiles that I have experienced previously. One thing Jane said was that my company name ‘Fresh Lens Limited’ was an ‘old soul’ name and people would be attracted to it based on the name alone – I have since experienced this. I was at a networking event a couple of weeks ago where someone said they remembered seeing my company name previously because they’d thought what a good name it was. Someone else said they really liked the name as it made clear what my company was about. Jane explained everything very well and I enjoyed meeting her and spending some time with her. All in all I would definitely recommend a Numerology reading as a good way to understand more about yourself, your business, your relationships, where you have come from and where you are going”.

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