HD, Shropshire

“I received my first numerology reading with Jane Alton in July 2014. We spent a day together at her house when she also made some delicious lunch and introduced me to Nature’s Sunshine products (which subsequently helped me survive an intense secondary school teaching career!). We didn’t quite finish so at no extra cost we had one Skype session to finish analysing my theatre company that I’d dreamt of running.
Jane is passionate about her work and really comes alive communicating the meaning of the numbers to you. She is inspiring, very wise and most importantly, very kind, nurturing and supportive. It is owing to having my numbers read with her that I have found the courage to leave the teaching profession three years later (in 2017) and go for it with my theatre company. From the sessions with her helping me, I deep down know it’s my life’s work to manifest it. Having her relay and help make sense of my challenges and strengths has helped me to find peace with myself and keep going when life can be muddy!!
We have stayed in touch since 2014 and she has given me Skype readings – two this year (2017) – which have helped me stay on track with listening to my inner truth and re-finding my centre / remembering there is an anchor somewhere in my heart helping me stay the course.
Her genuine belief in my abilities, from what she sees though the numbers, I trust. Also it goes beyond trust as it’s actually fact now my life is shaping out in accordance with shifts suggested by the numbers. She relays information to you that you can accept and not get defensive about (which I can have a tendency to do so she’s very tactful), just accept and be reminded that you are living on this planet to work through ‘stuff’ while you work out how to shine your light most bright for your own happiness and those who are surrounded by.
Jane is incredibly insightful and genuine. I would recommend having a numerology reading with her to help you make sense of your life, appreciate it and most importantly, get back to enjoying it and trusting in yourself and the way your life is unfolding (when it can feel very murky and confusing down on the ground from day to day!).
If you are considering working with Jane, go for it, it’s important for your long-term happiness ”

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