Numerology for 01/ 10/ 2022

The previous month (9) this represents the end of a cycle, we are encouraged to let go and trust, as we go back to the potential.
This month (10/ 1) represents rebirth in matter and new beginnings, as we potentially use the knowledge gained from previous cycles to move forward into new territory.
Numerology for 01/ 10/ 2022
The harmony that matters so much to you may result from you giving yourself space to think in new ways. You may not be able to apply your ideas as you would like but maintain your far-reaching breadth of vision and you will get to the top. Getting your job done in your own unique way is what matters to you and it is this that will win you the love and respect of others. So, waste no more time and energy on frustration and procrastination, instead allow yourself to be guided and for your great sense of responsibility to force you into action … Seize the day!!!

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