Numerology for 09/ 02/ 2022

Keep your chin up and stay positive, as you try to calm the more volatile and spontaneous side to your nature. You may feel inspired and take your responsibilities towards others very seriously, but there may also be a lot of emotion that you may find difficult to express. If so, don’t let yourself be dragged down by the negativity of others. You may currently have to make the best of where you are, focussing just on what needs to be done and understood. If so, trust in your intuition and try to be patient. It may be that there are no quick, easy solutions and looking for them may result in you placing your confidence with the wrong people. Despite feeling forced into action, take the time to listen to your inner voice and to those you trust. Drop the martyrdom and believe the possibility of realising your hopes will come again. In the meantime appreciate, consider and try to co-operate with others more, so conserving your energies …

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