Numerology for 17/ 04/ 2024

You may be impatient to get to the bottom of things and move forward as you think they should. You may be very ambitious and very creative, with a need to be the best. You may like to be the centre of attention, but may need to stand back from things, potentially letting go of all that is unproductive, including a lot of emotion you may find difficult to express. You may feel pushed into action, but the resulting new thinking may help you to create new structures that may help you to breakthrough. Be aware however that your drive for perfection can prevent your talents for emerging as it can drain your self-confidence. To get past fear of failure &/or rejection, focus on what needs to be done and understood, this may give you space to connect with spirit and embrace change. Try also to be less critical of others and try not to take yourself quite so seriously … Lighten up and remember to have fun along the way …

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