Numerology for 19/ 09/ 2023

You may feel an intense struggle to be independent and self-confident and may want time on your own to find your own inner strength again. You may find you are quite impractical in your idealism, as well as impatient. The courage to be yourself and to do things in your own way may be important to you, but still allow others to help you. Despite your impractical idealism you may feel forced into action, and this may lead to frustration as you can be quite ruthless about getting what you want. Listen to your inner voice as well as to others, stay true to who you are. Understand that everything evolves in cycles and that you always have a choice in how you respond. Trust life will move you where you are needed and there is the potential for you to achieve the success that matters so much to you, through your creativity and your communication skills, (communicating from the heart to the heart).

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