Numerology for 21/ 06/ 2020

You may want to be the centre of attention, but it’s not just about you. So, try to see beyond the drama and your fears, try to see things as others do. You have a relentless determination to transform things, but may find that you have to master your emotions first, as others may be trying to impose their way of thinking on you and you may feel stuck. Start by connecting to your heart and acknowledging just how sensitive you are. Try to put yourself in the driving seat as much as possible, listening to your inner voice, connecting and using wisdom from past experiences, choosing how you respond. Stay focused on where you want to get to, beyond the brick wall that may be in fount of you is the most amazing expanse of space and it may help you to focus on this, giving yourself space and time to truly connect. Learn also to stand back from things, letting go with love all that no longer serves you, making still more space for yourself, so new thinking, inspiration and ideally new structures can materialise.

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