Numerology for 22/ 05/ 2023

There may be a choice to be made today and this may feel like a potential turning point. It may be important you connect with your feelings even if they are painful and hidden. Give yourself space to listen to your inner voice, as well as to others. Use your true feelings to see clearly and you may find a natural inner strength helps you to think in new ways. This may however also bring fear and more sensitivity. Sometimes it’s about making the best of what is presented to us. You have a wonderful breadth of vision and may be able to see far beyond what others appear to see. Sometimes you can take on too much, feeling It’s all down to you. There is the danger that you don’t always finish what you start, so learn the value of maintenance and sticking with things. Try to trust yourself and others more, big projects take time to build, it’s not just about talk and passion. In amongst all the potential emotion, transience and change, rather than put energy into being pulled in different directions and feeling unsettled, hands off and let things happen, try to maintain balance.

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