Diane McCann founder of Vibrational Sound Therapy

“I’ve always been fascinated with numerology, especially after having a basic reading a couple of years ago which intrigued me further. Working with energy and vibration myself means for me personally the vibrational energy of numerology just resonates so deeply for me. My quest to understand more about my numerology blueprint led me to find the wonderful Jane. After speaking to Jane, I decided to have a personal and a business reading. The readings were very detailed, and provided me with a greater in-depth understanding of both myself and my business, providing aha moments, clarity, visions and confirmations. The detail Jane is able to give is amazing. You literally watch your life unfold before your very eyes. For me numerology is so the way forward, in helping you to stay in flow with your energy template and navigate your journey in life. Jane is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, kind, inspiring, helpful and full of wisdom. I will definitely be working with Jane in the future and can totally recommend her and her services. I’m so glad our paths have crossed! “

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