The date 22/ 02/ 2022, Russia and Ukraine

The 22nd day in the 2nd month of the year 2022. On this date many may be feeling extremely sensitive and vulnerable due to the influence of 2 energy. For some there may be a great deal of confusion and emotion, and others may feel overwhelmed through ‘caring too much’.

Two energy can bring separation, causing many to feel ‘wrapped up in their own feelings’. But this separation can also bring the opportunity to look at ourselves and our actions with greater awareness and understanding (1   1). This 2 energy may result in us working together in new ways particularly as we are now enter the Age of Aquarius, encouraging the ‘Brotherhood of man’.

The day number (22/ 4) represents the ‘Master Builder’ and can act as a wake-up call, encouraging potential new master builders to emerge. Leaders who are insightful and group centred, encouraging co-operation. Ideally mobilising us all to work for causes greater than individual benefit.   

The mission that comes from this date (30/12/ 3) encourages dialogue and co-operation, also for us to look at everything in new ways, ideally masculine (1) and feminine (2) energies working together, to bring new creative solutions (3).

The first goal that comes from this date (22 + 2 = 24/ 6) is the same as the outer expression of the Soul work for the whole of this year (20 + 2 + 2 = 24/ 6). The inner work to be done this year (2+ 0 + 2+ 2 = 6) encourages us all to take responsibility and embrace change, so a brave new world can emerge. The 6 in terms of Numerology can be represented by a tight coil striving for perfection, trying to make every detail right. The 6 has the potential to uncoil from the inside out, to become a ‘cup for spirit’, fully receptive to new thinking and seeing the beauty without the perfection.

24/ 6 in terms of Numerology represents alchemy and the potential for new structures (4) to emerge from the deep watery depths of emotion (20/ 2) we may find ourselves plunged into.

The name Russia also vibrates to 24/ 6 energy: –

   3   9 1    13/ 4  Soul Urge or Motivation
9   11        11/ 2  Personality                  
                  24/ 6  Overall Self Expression (OSE)

Behind this the Soul Urge (or motivation) 13/ 4 is about transformation and rebirth. Creativity potentially pushes though great will (1) and existing structures (4) to transform things.
The Personality (11/ 2) has the potential to inspire us all to think in new ways.

3     19  5   18/   9  Soul Urge or Motivation
  2 9    5     16/   7  Personality                  
                   34/ 16/ 7  Overall Self Expression (OSE)

The name Ukraine vibrates to 34/ 16/ 7 energy. This represents new structures (4), emerging from creativity and communication (30). 16/ 7 represents the mirror, the mind in action, the seeker of the truth. 16/ 7 energy encourages us to look again at relationships and to move from focussing on the self (1) to our greater sense of responsibility towards others (6). Ultimately 16/ 7 energy encourages us down a spiritual path, to connect with the bigger picture, beyond self.

18/ 9 in terms of Numerology represents regeneration following a massive re-evaluation (8), the 9 extracting the wisdom from all that has gone before, ultimately to serve and to teach.

The Life Path or mission that comes from Putin’s Date of Birth (07/10/1952) is also 34/ 16/ 7.
This may mean Putin relates quite powerfully with Ukraine.

Putin’s chart is dominated by 7 energy, making him very spontaneous as he may trust his intuition greatly. Being dominated b 7 energy can also mean he is very secretive, inflexible and self-contained.

But ultimately 7 energy encourages a search for truth and allows the flow of life’s evens to happen. Encouraging a letting go of the old mindsets and structures to welcome the new.

Let’s hope that through Ukraine there is the potential for everyone to connect to the bigger picture and respond in new ways.

© 2022 Copyright Jane Alton

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