Numerology for 12/ 03/ 2023 

While you may always put others first and be devoted to a cause, you may also need to be creative in your own way. This may bring up a great deal of emotion you may find difficult to express. Saying what others want to hear, rather than how you truly feel may cause you great frustration. Establishing boundaries that ensure you have space and time to fully recharge rather than run on empty, may be key for you today. You can be very hard on yourself, trying to fix everything and to be there for everyone. There is another side to you that can also be undaunted by risky ventures, a side to you that may like to leap into situations most people would avoid. You may secretly enjoy shocking others and you can be quite the dreamer. Obstacles and wanting to be of practical perpetual service may keep you grounded and focussed, they may also mean you are willing to compromise occasionally.

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