Numerology for 13/ 03/ 2023

There may be obstacles and you may feel restless, as you may have lots of ideas, but you may doubt yourself. You may also want security and stability but need freedom and overall, you may feel a bit stuck regarding your plans. You may feel you need to go into the quiet to find your message and for the way forward to become clear. It may feel key that you find your centre again and that you try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you. Embracing change and going with the flow may also be very important, as you may feel forced into action. Your great sense of responsibility towards others may help ensure you deliver and there is the potential for transformation along the way, if your heart is truly in what you are doing and if you can be open to the potentials of synchronicity and intuition. Be thankful to obstacles, they can help you grow, instilling grit as well as pride when you turn things around. Obstacles can be humbling and can help you connect with others in whole new ways. Just try to be more patient and positive, you have your own unique way of communicating and this isn’t always appreciated by others, but by looking at things differently you can find your unique voice and encourage others to look at things differently too. Admitting ignorance from time to time can also be liberating.

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