Numerology for 25/ 05/ 2023

You are a fighter and freedom for yourself and others may be central in your world. You may have a driving intensity that gives you an air of great confidence and self-assurance, but there may be emotional turmoil on the inside. There may be lots of emotion you find difficult to express and you may be focused on uplifting others with your vision. You may be brilliant at communicating in your own unique way, if you can stay focussed rather than scattered. Try to be less judgemental and more forgiving, if necessary, turn the volume down and don’t take it personally of others are not ready for what you have to say. Recognise the value of being vulnerable and emotionally open, this need not be messy, and drama is not always necessary. Actions can speak louder than words, so perhaps just focus on keeping focussed, busy and happy for now … Out of the blue you may feel connected to spirit, guided and protected and there may be an opportunity to get to the bottom of things  ..

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