Numerology for 26/ 05/ 2023

You may feel forced into action, wanting to bring in new thinking and a ‘brave new world’. You may find you constantly have to ‘get real’ in your expectations, as you may have little interest in materialism or practicality. As well as being very creative, you may be very ambitious, with a great need to be (seen as) the best. Obstacles may result in you feeling disillusioned and stuck, but they may also help you to be more grounded and focussed, helping you to connect more with reality and to others. This may be uncomfortable but may prove very creative as ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and without the combination of ambition and obstacles, you may be waiting for the perfect opportunity &/or for other people. So, get past your disappointment and focus on the essentials of what you want to achieve. Work with what is in front of you and try not to be so resistant to change. Continue to have faith in yourself and those you love. Continue to be driven by a relentless determination to act for others and to build something solid. You may feel overwhelmed, but there is the potential for a breakthrough, if you can let up on your moral judgements and give yourself space to stand back from things and allow yourself to be guided.

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