Numerology for 11/ 08/ 2018

You have the courage to stand alone and to get to the truth – you have the potential to inspire others to think in new ways, but a big part of this is you thinking in new ways. Remember the importance of small acts of personal kindness. You learn from all that is going on around you, you want your views to be heard, but as well as teaching, truth can hurt. You have a great sense of responsibility towards others and there can be a fear of failure and letting others down. Try to go with the flow, without getting frustrated if things don’t go according to plan. Don’t be afraid to show just how sensitive you are and to open yourself to the spiritual. Try to see things as others do … it doesn’t have to be you against the world.

Numerology for 10/ 08/ 2018

You can be totally inspirational if you can get past your fear of rejection and failure. Courage comes from doing it is not just about how you think. Try to develop true self confidence by finding the courage to act without being dependant on the opinion and approval of others.
No more drama … now is the time to let go and trust …

Numerology for 09/ 08/ 2018

You may be determined to get to the bottom of things and you can generate a great deal, especially with your words and your creativity. You can be quite unstoppable, but working in more subtle ways and trusting your intuition may be far more effective for you today. Learn to listen carefully, using your true feelings to see clearly in all situations. What you believe to be true for the welfare of others may not always be for the best. Perhaps focus on finding the courage to truly be yourself rather than focus on the actions of others. “Who Dares Wins” …

Numerology for 08/ 08/ 2018

You want recognition and may be impatient for this you may also feel a need to travel. Try not to attach too much emotion to your ideas not developing as you had planned. Take time out to go into the quiet and trust the silent message of your Soul. Relax, remain adaptable and flexible. Above all listen to your inner voice and to others, perhaps think outside the box and make your goals more realistic, just don’t get stuck and don’t give up ….

Numerology for 07/ 08/ 2018

As well as your plans and great will power, finding your passion and taking responsibility may be very important for you today. You may be very devoted to a cause but with so much change whirling around and so much ‘coming up to be dealt with’, you may doubt yourself. Be open to new ways of thinking, while focusing on what is practical and viable. Talk to others, but listen to your inner voice for guidance too, as there may be an important decision to be made today …

Numerology for 06/ 08/ 2018

There may be quite a lot of drama as you may swing between focussing on the practical, but also having a great need to travel. You may also have lots of ideas you want to make real, but may doubt yourself at a profound level. You may be aware of the power of the spiritual, but you may also feel deeply cynical and sceptical. Listen to your inner voice and try to find your centre again. Choose your words carefully today, the right word at the right time may make a huge difference. If faced with the need to compromise, try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you. Know that with the right frame of mind you will be able to find freedom despite the limitations with laughter and joy too.

Numerology for 05/ 08/ 2018

You carry out your decisions with planning, great resolve and determination. You display great emotional control, staying cool and unflappable, but you may be sitting on a volcano. Take time out to re-evaluate, develop your intuition and creativity. Learn to value kindness and to express your feelings in a constructive way. If you love what you do, there is the potential to turn things around.  Let go of the past and be grateful to obstacles they help you to connect with others and can present great opportunities for growth and change.

Numerology for 04/ 08/ 2018

You want to build something solid and unstoppable based on your beliefs. You may be impatient to do things in your own way and may find that mastering your emotions and working in subtle ways helps you greatly. You may take the decision to speak your truth rather than say what others want to hear. Try to be tactful when you do this and try to channel your rebelliousness in a positive direction. Being considerate of others, may also mean you are less likely to be ignored.

Numerology for 03/ 08/ 2018

You have your plans and the potential to inspire others, but may have such a great sense of responsibility that you may be waiting for the perfect moment. You may hate the mundane and may dream of another life, but be grateful to the mundane, it keeps you grounded, connected to others and focused on what’s viable as well as focussed on one step at a time. So, with both feet firmly on the ground, reach for the stars but with a more practical and realistic perspective.

Numerology for 02/ 08/ 2018

Find the courage to be yourself today, trust your inner voice, not just what you hear on the outside. You have great will power, can be very business like and direct, when your sensitivity is your greatest strength. Try to see things as others do and you may find co-operative ventures and a more subtle approach are more effective. Learn also to accept help from others.