“I recently had a consultation with Jane, to look at mine, my husband’s and son’s life maps and our relationships charts analysing how we all interlink as a family and individually. Jane also looked at my monthly numbers for the year ahead personally and from a business perspective as well as my husband’s and sons on a four month basis. I found this information very helpful in understanding key themes coming up in the year ahead for myself personally and also my family. The consultation in the end spanned 3 separate sessions, as I wanted to look at some additional information regarding school choices for my son. Looking at the patterns in the numbers for my son and the school choices was so insightful. It enabled myself and my husband to make the right choice in line with my sons numbers and how from these he would interact with the numerology and vibration of each school. This has given me so much peace of mind that I cannot express in words just how appreciative I am for Janes, expertise and knowledge sharing this information to help us make an informed choice. It is something I would recommend to any parent! Jane is such a shining star in this world. Her patience, kindness, and attention to detail are outstanding. I can’t thank her enough!” DP

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