Numerology for 17/ 01/ 2023

You like to get to the bottom of things and can be an inspiring communicator.  You can be powerfully direct, when you find the courage to truly be yourself and give yourself space for your creativity and intuition, as well as friends, family, laughter, and joy. Give others a chance, listen to what others have to say and listen to your inner voice, getting to the bottom of who you are, do not change yourself to be wanted. Acknowledge just how sensitive you are. Relinquishing control can set you free, allowing you to express your creative energy and to be with those who truly appreciate and understand you.

The challenge for 2022 was to take responsibility for bringing in new structures, that ideally serve everyone.

As we move further into the Age of Aquarius (which is about the brotherhood of humanity) and witness the growing influence of 2 energy. The challenge for 2023 is to embrace change with new mindsets, new thinking, and new solutions, potentially 2023 represents a ‘Birth of Consciousness’.

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