Numerology for 20/ 01/ 2023

Try to be more patient and not to demand so much attention. Get a grip on your emotion and try not to be so fragile. Find the courage to truly be yourself and don’t be surprised if out of the blue new beginnings may follow. Your sensitivity can be your greatest strength, if you can master it so try not to respond with emotion, but to consider first. Focus on working hard to achieve a goal you are passionate about and through this discipline a new more stable self may emerge, enabling you to connect with and help others, as well as yourself, more effectively.

The challenge for 2022 was to take responsibility for bringing in new structures, that ideally serve everyone. As we move further into the Age of Aquarius (which is about the brotherhood of humanity) and witness the growing influence of 2 energy. The challenge for 2023 is to embrace change with new mindsets, new thinking, and new solutions, potentially 2023 represents a ‘Birth of Consciousness’. For more information please follow link below for my article ‘Numerology for the Year 2023’ –

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